Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine Sweetie

A belated Valentine greeting to all.
We stayed in watching Baby Violinist.
Couldn't have wished for sweeter music.


Patricia said...

No sweeter music. So precious. I have a similar photo to post that I took of our 7 week old Addisyn yesterday. Kristin trusted me with her for a couple of hours while she ran a few errands. 4 yo Gavin arrived with a box of chocolates, "I love you" greetings, and his sweet baby sister. Are we not blessed? XOX

Decadent Housewife said...

Yes, Patricia, wonderfully.

Caution Flag said...

Absolute perfection!

Adeena said...

Makes me long to smell a newborn. :)

Beautiful baby.

sleeplessnights04 said...

That's wonderful news! Congratulations on your promotion to Grandma! It's a great position to hold :o)

Jeanne said...

How precious are those bundles so fresh from Heaven
Congratulations to you all
Love Jeanne