Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Speedy Gets Marrried

Speedy married his sweetheart.
Isn't she beautiful?

Speedy and his lovely new wife -
another daughter and sister for our family.

Three sweet little angels were busy all day and evening.
We promised them a wedding cupcake,
for their good work.

The bride's sister fashioned all the flowers
and cake stand to hold the cupcakes.
One of the maids styled everyone's hair.
I was honoured to rework the bride's little jacket.
It needed resizing and new sleeves.

The little angels dashed about -
pleased to be princesses for a day.
One found a stick and drew in the sand.
Another found a toad.
The third fell and scraped her knee.
Cupcakes girls, cupcakes.

In the photo below, Speedy's best man is to the left,
behind him is Violinist.
Fun is on the roof...nothing new for him.
When Fun was around ten,
he liked jumping off the garage roof.
Buff is on the driver's side.

After about ten minutes of picture taking,
they all got a little bored and sniped our car,
leaving GG and me stuck for a ride back to the reception.

That's how Geek Guy and Decadent Housewife
ended up in the backseat of the wedding car,
with Speedy at the wheel,
zipping past that red Ferrari ahead of him.
Some things never change.

(Second photo from top and second photo from bottom by Geek Guy. It's been a busy, busy summer - for that I've been a very delinquent blogger. Hope to be back soon.)