Wednesday, June 2, 2010


The computer is major, major wonky, hence blog neglect.
In the time it has taken to manage to get this post up, Decadent Housewife has baked a whole lot of bread and done a heap of laundry.

Speedy's SIFE team placed in the top five universities for all of Canada - word has it, third.
Speedy borrowed my little Nikon, climbed up a mountain in the Canadian Rockies and dropped the camera cracking a filter. Speedy is okay, and my camera no wonkier than it was after I dropped it cracking a filter.

While Speedy was away, I struggled with Geek Guy's heavier camera and bigger lenses, which Fun would snipe, leaving me with nothing at all to document all the extra cooking and weeding and transplanting I have managed to get done because the computer is wonky. Occasionally, GG's camera would reappear, filled with photos of sunrises like the one below, ferris wheels, skies, waterfalls, fast cars and pretty girls. My Fun.

Buff has decided to finish off his remaining high school credits at home.
"So you want to homeschool again," I said.
To which Buff apparently, only just realizing this truth, shoved the remainder of a plate of cookies into his mouth grinned and said, "Hmm. Yeah, I guess so."

The transmission dropped in our main mode of transportation.
Buff let us know about this via text while he was sixty miles from home.
"Pull over, turn off engine, restart, repeat, you'll cripple home."
He instead, crippled off and up another forty miles to a hot spot beach for the day and then crippled home, sunburnt but happy.
Ah, to be eighteen again.

California Auntie and her girlfriends are on their way to Canada driving across the continent in a mobile home. They are taking the long way through Canada, to avoid tornadoes and not get stranded in a desert somewhere. I reminded her that Dad once hitchhiked three days to the nearest garage lugging his radiator, after hitting a deer while traveling on the Canadian prairies. And the last tornado Canada had was in Manitoba. But she said they feel safer doing it this way. Ah, to be seventy-something.

Violinist called out of the blue, "Hello Mother, how about Roll Kuchen and I come over for supper? We'll bring buns and burgers."
"Oh what a nice surprise!"
He continued, "I have to go over to The Island, so I thought I'd come by and say goodbye."
"What do you mean, goodbye? How long are you going for?"

During supper I noticed Roll Kuchen taking tiny bites but managing to get it all down. At church a few days before I noticed how beautiful her complexion is and had complimented her on it.
I also noticed her oohing and ahhing over a friend's baby.
The evening ended with Violinist asking if I would babysit starting sometime early next year.

Violinist escaped with his bow hand intact, again, after getting bits of glass into it while cleaning up his garage. The helpful doctors at hospital "A" managed to drive a shard deeper, lodging it between a tendon and nerve. Not a good thing if you are a violin player. So Violinist went to hospital "B" and found another doctor who suggested digging around for it under a general.
We won't talk about the seven hour wait after the scheduled surgery time, courtesy of the Canadian Health Care System (Bow Down and Kiss the Earth.)
Poor old Roll Kuchen. She must have been real tired. But I was stuck with a wonky vehicle and resolved to refrain from being the nuisance mother-in-law anyway.

(Sunrise photo by Fun. Posting will likely be sporadic until computers are fixed. Eh, Speedy?)


Debra said...

Love the photos...especially the one with the tree and the sun behind it. Just lovely!

Mental P Mama said...

Mini Rolls on the way???? Yayyyy! And I am sorry about all your technical difficulties, but, yayyyy!

Patricia said...

What perfectly lovely and MOSTLY exciting surprises!!!!!! Of course, I'm speeding past all the tech/camera/car woes and hospital/surgery visits (I truly am sorry) and focusing on Roll Kuchen's tender appetite and beautiful complexion. My heart skipped a beat when I read about it all 'cuz I just KNEW!!! Congratulations and I must tell, it can wait!!!! Just stay in touch. =) And congratulations to the Speedy's team. Awesome!!! Looks like you have a busy, busy year ahead of you, dear friend!

The Kampers said...

What a fun surprise! I so enjoy the stories of all your me hope for the future with all these little tiny boys around me!

Joy in the South said...

Congrats on the new g'baby! We have one, born on Christmas Day, in Winnipeg - 1500 long miles away from us, but we got to see her in April. It is glorious to be a Grammy!

Adeena said...

Congrats to Violinist and Roll Kuchen.. and You! :D My brother just gave my mother grandbaby #19. ;)

Yay for Speedy and his team!

Gill - That British Woman said...


The forward is the introduction page inside of the cookbook. Not 100% on the cover yet, hopefully will have a couple of options.


Leila said...

Oh, yay!! Congratulations!

Jeanne said...

Everyone keep well and love the photographs
Blessings of love

AngelMc said...

OhMyGoodness. Congratulations. There is just nothing quite like being a gmother. I am so happy for you and your children. I hope it is a girl....I want you to have a little girl just like my Avery..."Nonna why are so gassy?" Sigh....

Decadent Housewife said...

Why are so gassy? Lol......!

AngelMc said...

I guess you figured out I meant, "Nonna, why are you so gassy?" And she tells anybody who will listen that I'm gassy and a messy eater..she loves to bust me out at every chance she gets...and I guess that is why I love her so much.

Eileen said...

Interesting info! I enjoy reading these types of posts.