Thursday, June 3, 2010


Geoffrey is a wee Welsh mouse living in, or rather outside - I hope - a busy little cottage on an island off the coast of Wales, Anglesey Allsorts. Vicky, one of Geoffrey's humans thought he'd met his end, but no, the mouse came back. He has gumption, is bold and seems to know that Charlie - resident mouser - is apparently no real mouser at all.

Thanks, Vicky, for the bit of fun. Geoffrey fan club badge is now safe with Dough Boy amongst the cookbooks.


Adeena said...

What a fun idea! :D


Glad he arrived safe and sound - its taken a while I seem to have posted ages ago, mind you Canada is a very long way away from here!Blog land does make the world smaller and more intimate, fancy you knowing little mouse from Wales!

Vicky x

AngelMc said...

Thanks for introducing me to Geoffrey. He is darling. Enjoyed my visit to Wales.

Jeanne said...

Hugs hope all is well
I heard a tornado touched down in Leamington last night
Love you

Gill - That British Woman said...

that is so cute, Vicky is such a love.