Friday, May 7, 2010

If You Ride Dirt Bike

It is important to wear the right equipment.
All. The. Time.

Because if you don't, bad stuff will happen. Fun was merely kick starting his bike when the kickstand got him in the shin. Pair of boots would have fixed that.

Beneath the pressure bandage is a six inch gash which probably should have been stitched up, but that's another story.

And this one. Buff.
This is what happens when one skids out on hardpack wearing only bike boots, helmet and a pair of gym shorts. Yes. I yelled at him. And I yelled at the other one too.



And will they Listen!? And the thing is its you that is doing all the worrying! - just know where you are comming from - who would be mother to boys!

Loook out for a little package - posted today!

Vicky x

Patricia said...

Ouch!!!! Boys!!!!!

Did I tell you about the time that Nick broke both of his arms taking the test to get his motorcycle license? Taking the test. In a church parking lot. And he drove himself home. With his thumbs turning the steering wheel.

They do keep us on our knees, don't they?

Mental P Mama said...

Good grief. Boys and their toys. And their foolhardiness. Glad they are in one piece....

Adeena said...

Ack!! That looks painful.

I don't have that problem... yet. ;)

Jeanne said...

Happy Mother's Day
Much love


Leila said...

Oh. My.

Go yell for me!

AngelMc said...

Oh no...a six inch gash? And that is some serious looking road rash. I hope they are okay..and everything heals up okay.
Happy Mother's Day!!

Decadent Housewife said...

Too funny.

joolzmac said...



sleeplessnights04 said...

Ach! Boys are boys aren't they, no matter what we say to them :o( I hope they get better soon - and for their sake start listening to mum's advise more :o)

Bits and Pieces said...

It's not just boys though.

I'm a mom of 3 girls and I love riding 2 wheels down! Hubby bought me a 150cc scoot. I may look silly wearing the boots, leather riding jacket, gloves, goggles, and helmet but at least I know I am attempting to ride safely.

My 1 date with gravel was not a fun experience and I wasn't going at a crazy speed (5km pulling into my mother's trailer park with groceries) but my ribs hurt for a couple weeks after. Believe it that the eggs that I happened to been transporting didn't break or crack at all!