Sunday, April 11, 2010

Violinist and Handel's Messiah

Violinist invited us to an Easter presentation of Handel's Messiah in which he participated. I'm thinking of joining this choir again - Laudate Dominum.

I Know That My Redeemer Liveth.

The ensemble during pre-performance rehearsal - Violinist is second from left, beside the gentleman behind the potted plant.

There he is, the young man to the right. I'd like to upload a video too, except it's playing at half speed and someone didn't focus.

Post performance discussion.

This was actually pre-performance.
"Hi Mom, How are you? Have you had a nice day?"
He's gotten fatter since I last saw him. Marriage seems to agree.


Patricia said...

Oh, how wonderful! I LOVE Handel's Messiah. Wish I could sing. Emily begs me not to.

Leila said...

You must be very proud!

AngelMc said...

awesome, just awesome. i know you are so very proud.

Mental P Mama said...

Just wonderful! He looks so happy;)

Adeena said...

Very awesome! :D

Caution Flag said...

I'm sorry the video didn't work! I would have loved to be there, too.

He's a handsome violinist :)

Angie said...

I love the Messiah and Steiner's Crucifixion too. But, you know, I really will have to read some back entries of yours. You sound so very interesting. AND we have something in common - I am frequently begged not to sing too!!!