Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sunny Days Here Again

A bit of snow, cold, rain and heavy skies pushed through last week. On that account I've been hanging back putting out the geraniums - the mother plants and rooted cuttings taken back in February. Saturday, GG on the way out to Violinist's, to help build a house for Arfy said, "Tell Buff to cut the grass." I texted an hour later, "Buff says will cut grass when stops snowing."

During weather respites, I've been cleaning up and digging a bit in the garden - cutting back roses, pruning raspberries. Stumps used to perch a washtub of petunias, cats and sundial have finally rotten down. A sunny place has become shady and the American Beauty and old moss roses need moving. The floribunda look tired - just may dig them up altogether. One peony needs moving too but I'll wait until August to do that. Herbs are waiting to go into the potash kettle. It's April, it can still snow.

There is a mystery as to why tall prolific lilies I dug up from my mother's garden have all but disappeared this year. They may have gotten smushed when someone restained the deck and didn't watch where they were standing. That would be the same person who once mowed over lilies thinking they were weeds. Decadent Housewife is technologically challenged. Geek Guy is botanically challenged.

I see the cats have worn a little path through the peonies to a spot beneath the deck. And they knocked over a teapot and cups set out on a stump in the fern garden. Elderly Cousin gave the teapot to me when I told her my Brown Betty needed replacing. But it had a crack and leaked so I thought it would work better as a flower pot. They've been confused - the cats - huddling on the boot mat chilly mornings, then slovenly lounging beneath the deck steps through mid-day heat to return several hours later complaining at the door that it's cold again.

I prefer shade, but this spring it sure has been nice to feel that sun again. Toss the vitamin D back into the drawer. Last week we heard this airplane overhead - its engine revving pulling stunts. We ran around to the front of the property to get a better look. Fun and GG jumped into the car and got these photos over from the next concession.
Doesn't that look like fun?


Patricia said...

Way cool photos....but I'd be content to watch from the ground, thank you.

Never thought to use a cracked teapot as a flower pot. Think I'll replace some of my basil in a teapot Louis gave me years ago, and has been hiding in the corner of the china cabinet for much too long. You are so clever....and I'm botanically challenged, as well. Good thing I married a farmer.

Mental P Mama said...

I feel very Spring-y now;)

Adeena said...

We had snow on Saturday. It was snowing so hard, there was even white-outs.

It's sunshiney and over 15° right now! :) I'd like to keep days like this, please. ;)

Jeanne said...

Much love and many hugs
Love Jeanne♥