Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pie in the Sky

Saucey Chef and Her Beloved popped by on the weekend bringing Anzac cookies which Saucey's Beloved made. I've been experimenting making these chewy delights after enjoying the ones they brought. And that is saying something since I really, really - really - dislike baking cookies. A pie or cake is so much quicker. Poor Geek Guy has pretty much always had to make the cookies here. Bad housewife.


Angie said...

Some people find cookie-making quite therapeutic. I'm not one but I don't mind sampling them. Rotten job but someone has to do it!


I too would sacrafice myself to the task of tasting your experiments with cookies - what else are good friends for?

Vicky x

Adeena said...

Love the blossoms!

I'm still waiting for ours to come out. It's so cold here right now!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photo and if there is a spare cookie going I won't say no lol!

Shirl x