Thursday, April 29, 2010

Enlisting Fun

Two days ago Geek Guy greeted me "Good morning" and said, "Fun is joining the Reserves."
"Pardon me?"
"I said, Fun, is joining the Reserves."
"He's not done college. They'll send him somewhere. And he'll get shot!"
"He's joining the Navy Reserves."
"That's better?"
"Yes. He'll be on a boat, with money to spend and nowhere to spend it."

Yesterday, I was greeted "Good morning" by Fun and, "I'm signing up with the Reserves."
"You'll get sent somewhere and get shot."
"No, no, this is the Navy Reserves."
"You can't swim."
"It's okay. We only go to somewhere in Alberta or Nova Scotia."
"Alberta? The Navy is stationed in Alberta? Wouldn't you mean B.C?"
"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Something like that, but there's no ocean."
"How can you be in the Navy and not be on an ocean somewhere? And you haven't finished school!"

"No, no, Mom, this is only seasonal. I'm still in college."
"This is crazy. The army is not seasonal. Join them and they own you!"
"It's not the army, it's the navy and it's the reserves and we can work when we want."
"Read the fine print. Did you read the fine print?"
"There's no contract."
"Always read the fine print. I knew somebody who thought he was signing up temporarily. Surprise, surprise."
"Yeah, yeah, and I'll be out of the hole and be able to pay you guys back."
"Joining the navy means you'll be in the hole, in a ship, on an ocean somewhere, but not in Alberta."

Last month Speedy and Fun wrote RCMP entrance exams. That's the Mounties.
I've seen this coming forever with Fun but still cried myself to sleep the last two days.
My Fun.

(Photos: Last week in the cherry orchard at The Farm.)


Mental P Mama said...

I would be crying, too. No Fun.

Adeena said...

I dread the thoughts of my boys wanting to sign up someday, too.

Is the navy in Alberta? That would be odd. I don't even know.

Fun said...

haha...yeah..Navy in the middle of a massive body of land...protecting the Great Lakes...ha...

Adeena said...

^ Well, someone's got to protect the Great Lakes... they're great, aren't they? :P

Speedy said...

The only province adjacent to the Great Lakes is Ontario. There are Naval Stations all over Canada, regardless of their proximity to water.

Adeena said...

^ I bow to your Naval knowledge. :D

Thanks for the lesson! :)

Decadent Housewife said...

Thank you Speedy. Learned something.

Debra said...

My son just got out of the army. He served 12 years.

Be sure fun reads the fine print.

I've enjoyed visiting you blog this early am.


Decadent Housewife said...

Thanks for coming by - my directions to Fun exactly. Glad you enjoyed reading here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info