Saturday, February 13, 2010

Welcome to The Great White North

So. With GG giving phone directions on how to record the opening ceremony of Vancouver's 2010 Olympic Games via a digital TV converter, techie ditz Decadent Housewife surprised herself and actually managed to do it: after figuring out how to turn on the TV and eliminating two out of five possible remotes. If Geek Guy can take phone directions on how to run a sewing machine then I better be up to task and return tit for tat. As of this morning I've watched it once live and twice recorded - Geek Guy is a sports nut - I just like to get out of housework.
Can it get any more Canadian than Wayne Gretzky riding shotgun in a pickup truck through downtown Vancouver in the pouring rain, carrying two - count them - two torches - fumbling one in the box while being chased by some well soaked people on the street? Kinda' retro a la Bob and Doug McKenzie, eh? Reminds me of someone I once knew who the night before his big day got tarred and feathered and left - well, tarred and feathered - in a box at the four corners of a little port town, over here on this side of the country. All participants were thoroughly soaked at that event too. Enjoy the games, eh?

(Photos by Fun. Buff, at Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Relay festivities, Leamington, Ontario, Canada.)


Jeanne said...

Much love
Love all you share
I too am so proud
Love you

Leila said...

This post leaves much unanswered.

But good on you for the remote work!

Mental P Mama said...

Very impressed with your skillz! Loving the games! And wishing they could get some snow....

Richard D said...

Decadent - the opening ceremonies for the Olympics were absolutely breath-taking. Way to go, Canada!