Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wandering Sheep

Last night at Kid's Bible Group the story was about the good shepherd who left ninety-nine little sheep, safe in their pasture, to find one little sheep who wandered off. The children particularly sat rapt when I began dashing about acting less like a calm shepherd and more like a crazed Bette Davis wailing, "Where's my poor lost little sheep? Oh, little sheep! Little sheep! Where have you gone?!"
It was then I noticed Isabelle uncharacteristically missing.
"Where's Isabelle?"
"She's at the OLYMPICS! But it's okay, she's with her parents."
"Photos: Skaters on the frozen marsh at Point Pelee National Park, Canada."


Jeanne said...

Love you

Leila said...

Well, it was your duty to go find her! Go!

Lydia said...

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