Monday, January 11, 2010

Good To Go

So this is what Buff and Decadent Housewife got to drive in for one hundred miles, late Thursday so Buff could do his G2 roadtest. Yippee.
That means permission to drive by himself. Yippee.
"Let me drive Mom, I have to get practise driving in this stuff."
"Buff, quit pretending this is a snowmobile. Slow down."
"I love driving in this."
"I thought you said you need practise driving in this."
"I do, but I love driving in this stuff."
"Okay. That's enough. Pull over. "
I knew he would pass. The Drivers Examination Centers here in Ontario had been on strike since last fall and have a backlog of 300,000 people. I was a very bad mother and didn't explain this to Buff until after his test. Instead I let him sweat it.
He didn't ask to drive home. Yippee.


Jeanne said...

Big hugs and much love
Love Jeanne♥

Adeena said...

Niiice. :D

I got my license in a snowstorm. On a Friday. The 13th, actually. ;)

And it was before all this graduated license nonsense.


One less to taxi around then - its marvoulous when the kids can all drive themselves - freedom from constant taking them here there and everywhere!

Vicky x

Richard D said...

You have way more guts than I do. My son will be practicing on the driveway - on a sunny day with no precipitation. And probably using a remote control car.

AngelMc said...

You are very brave. How old is buff? You can get your license here at 16.

Mental P Mama said...

W00t Buff! How did he skip ahead of the 300,000 on the waiting list?

Leila said...

Yet, you were able to take pictures...I think he is better than you let on :)

Decadent Housewife said...

I texted him and told him to cancel. Ha! You should have seen the reply.


Buff rescheduled his test online three times during the strike. They settled just before this last appointment, so he got in.

I've heard that it's impossible to book a test online now on account of the backlog.


They start driving here at 16 with certain restrictions and only accompanied with licensed driver. A year later they can try for a license to drive alone and a year later they can try for a permanent license.

There are bunches of other restrictions. It's a long process and big bucks in the gov't pocket.

Buff is good enough but the roads were a nightmare and I've never had an easy time driving with any of the boys, ever.

Sue said...

Oh my! You are a mom with nerves of steel! I am in awe.