Thursday, January 28, 2010

Did Decadent Housewife Get Distracted?

Yes. But now the kitchen is in a reasonable facsimile of organization and I can see the bottom of my tote. As I've mentioned before, when sewing, the cooking generally slides and vice versa. So it goes with re-organizing and blogging. I've been replacing mismatched chipped china with mismatched non-chipped pottery. The old hippie self is re-emerging, evident in lots of earthenware scoured from junk shops. Yesterday, I found a magnificent almost black charger for back of the oven - a few weeks earlier it was the chocolate and taffy crimp-edged piece from Nova Scotia. Organizing the baking drawer has been harder. How many tube pans does Decadent Housewife need? Really.
What about the times a recipe needs to be split or doubled or quadrupled?...or I try a new recipe and the regular pans don't work?...those odd shaped or extra bundt pans picked up at the junk shops have worked...sometimes baking an old favourite in a different pan breathes new life into the recipe...look what happened with this year's Christmas cake - different recipe - these pans came to the rescue...what if I decide to make fudge again?
So, I confess, I simply piled it all back into the drawer.
Bad housewife. Bad blogger.


Mental P Mama said...

LOL. I need to go de clutter...I could send you some more for your collection;)


I Know! its just Sooooo difficult!!Just how can a Girl decide what to keep and what not to keep!!

Vicky x

Sue said...

I love it when I read something that sounds so familiar, so me!

I was thinking of cleaning out my deep, difficult-to-organize corner cabinet where I store my baking pans today, but maybe I'll just go bake a cake instead!

Leila said...

Ha have a lot of cake pans! You could decorate with them ;)

What I am looking for is a half-bundt pan. I want to be able to make one recipe into two cakes! Two separate cakes, send to two college kids who need cake :)

But I don't think such exists...

Decadent Housewife said...


I make one recipe into two cakes all the time by splitting a meant to fill a 9 x 13 pan between two smaller tube pans. They fit perfectly into the oven together. Have been doing this for years.

Did decorate with them for a while but they kept falling off and getting more dinged up.

Leila said...

Ah, but you beg the question with your "two smaller tube pans". Easy for you to say!
Where are these pans? Where you get them? I only find 10 cup or tiny "single portion" which are too big for single (one recipe divided in four? That's a fourth of a cake! That's a lot!) and too small for half.
Yours do look nicely loved and used :)

Decadent Housewife said...


I once paid a fortune for a turk's head and have never used it :/ My pans come from second-hand shops.

The tube pans are approx. 8 1/2 inches in diameter and a little over 3 inches tall. They hold 8 cups with an inch of headspace. The center tube and cake bottom forms one part and is removable from the outer ring.

Some had a hole in the tube top - others didn't. They bake better with a hole, so GG cut holes in the tops of the others.

I've asked at junk stores if they will watch for certain things for me and they always do. Maybe you could try that. Have you looked on eBay?

Gill - That British Woman said...

I only throw mine out when they are icky, icky, icky, I could do with some more baking pans.