Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Soup Days

While most people have been busily showing all their lovely Christmas decorating and baking, we don't even have our tree up. December has thus far been damp and overcast with just one afternoon of air flurries - snow, but nothing on the ground. Sunday evening, we enjoyed the Christmas cantata at Speedy's church in The City, in which he sang. Afterward we went back to his little basement apartment, Speedy having bicycled there still wearing his suit and tie.

I asked to see the resident rodents but Speedy said they stay pretty much hidden. He keeps them mostly contained above the bathroom by stuffing boxes of raisin bran cereal above the ceiling tiles. "They eat all the cereal, but leave the raisins," reported Speedy, "fussy rats." Before leaving for home, we dropped Speedy off downtown at the outdoor skating rink and enjoyed the lovely night a bit and then came home for soup.


jan said...

Ick. The rodents, not the soup.
The soup looks wonderful!

Mental P Mama said...

That Speedy is quite the resourceful man! I have decided that the less I decorate, the less I have to clean;)


Soup looks good - you cant beat a good soup!
Good idea with the rats - only they will get fat and breed - and breed and breed!!! Put some poison in with the bran - I know - I an ruthless!!!

Vicky x

get your tree up - your gonna miss christmas at this rate! lol!

Leila said...

Our tree is outside, getting wet ;)

Beautiful soup in an enticing mug!

Please stop talking about spiders and rats. XOXO

Caution Flag said...

I've stopped screaming long enough to comment. Rats. Yuck.

My parents are coming to spend next week with us. Do you have something I could cook for them? A recipe for a non-cook would be just about right!

Jeanne said...

Beautiful soup
Love to you and yours
Love Jeanne

AngelMc said...

Hmmm that soup looks good.