Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sarah Said What?

Sarah Palin said Canadians should dismantle the Canadian Health Care System (Bow Down and Kiss the Earth) and turn a buck. Now we all know, at least here in Canada, that Canadians don't know who we really are. It's the national joke. So to be fair, if we don't know who we really are, how could Sarah? That is, except for the Quebecois who have always known who they really are and occasionally remind the rest of us in Canada just so there is no confusion about that, too. As confused as the rest of us Canadians are as to our identity, the one thing that is rock solid, or so it seems, is our Canadian Health Care System (Bow Down and Kiss the Earth).

Living in a border community, we frequently meet Americans and the one subject which they have always brought up in conversation is praise for our health care. Canadians, it seems, are known better for our health care system than for our once-upon-a-time peacekeeping military, flag emblazoned backpacks or Mounties. How many can right now name Canada's first or present Prime Minister? No Googling - Canadians included. There are many things Canadian in the world but nothing more identifiably so than our health care and apparent lack of national identity. Canadians gave the world insulin, Bell, BlackBerry and basketball - yes, basketball. We have already had a female Prime Minister (that would be like President for Americans) but are missing a Bible Belt, Oprah, Kennedys, Football, and Apple Pie. Or so it seems.

We did once upon a time have a Sarah Palin-like rat-pack back bencher, who rose to Deputy Prime Minister. (That would be like VP for Americans.) Eventually she went to handing out Canadian flags to help us remember what country we live in - 45 million bucks out of our tax wallet to assure us that, yes indeed, we are Canadian. But any one of us could have pulled out of our wallets for free, a little plastic card telling us what we already know - "holder is Canadian, therefore eligible for universal medical care." Never mind, that some of the care may require months of wait time once, or if you can find a doctor and persuade him or her there is something wrong with you.
As bad as the Canadian Health Care System (Bow Down and Kiss the Earth) can be, it's the one thing we all have in common, Quebecois aussi. Most of us are thankful to have it even if it means long ER waits or an orphaned patient status. Yes, it's broken in places and needs a tune-up, but it is there and we are working on fixing it. For Canadians it's death, taxes and health-care. It is our history and it started in 1644 with Jeanne Mance.

Sarah Palin is confused about Canadians, just a bit more than we are ourselves. For Sarah Palin to say Canadians should dismantle the Canadian Health Care System (Bow Down and Kiss the Earth) is akin to a Canadian saying Americans should dismantle their military and skip teaching revolutionary history. Or at least nix the marines. Let the army take care of things. And no more talk about 1776. Did anyone just cough out their Wheaties? I didn't. Wheaties are American. We have Red River Cereal.
(Photos by GG)


Sue said...

I did not know that Canadians don't know who they are (how's that sentence?)!! All Canadians I know over here in Japan are very patriotic flag wavers. Maybe they get tired of being called Amerika-jin (Americans) all the time. Can't say that I blame them. It's kind of like when people insist on calling me Susan when I'm really Sue Ann, I think. Susan is a nice name and all - just not mine!

You know, I get really tired of hearing about the Canadian health care system on US news all the time. How about us over here in Japan? We have government health care here too, you know! ;-)

Mental P Mama said...

I heard Sarah is thinking about moving to Canada.....

GooseBreeder said...

Sounds as if your Health Care System might be dismantling itself.No I can't name the first or the current incumbent, but I do remember Pierre and Margaret.I am however very interested in all things DID you get rid of royalty?
My connections have been poignant or vibrant or to do with my Daughter's love of Anne.they go back quite a few generations to the American Civil War.

Caution Flag said...

I guess it's not still Mulroney?

Love your post. It may be one of my favorites. We shouldn't ever nix the marines. The men look so sexy! No. I didn't just say that.

Decadent Housewife said...

Hubba, hubba, hubba, Caution! ;)

Who could forget Maggie and Pierre!

Royals? Still with us - but just.

Japan's health care, from what I've read is top, top notch - leaves us all wanting.

Sarah would love living in Canada - warmer than where she is now.

Glory von Hathor said...

Very interesting.

Mary Beth said...

Hilarious! You've given a great analogy her "advice" and a possible Canadian "advice" to US. Nice :)

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely wonderful blog re: Sarah Palin and the Canadians! I was born in Alberta but have lived in the States for many year. I have family on both sides of the border, and everything you say is absolutely true! Many people seem to think Canadians are just like Americans, only their police wear funny hats. It makes me CRAZY! I keep trying to explain about the differences, but I sometimes feel as if I am talking to myself.

As for my opinion of Sarah P -- the woman is a total wacko and I cannot understand how anybody can take her seriously. What kind of idiot resigns a major position and then expects to be praised for it? Her personal life is a distraction? Of course it is. And who does she have to blame for that? She need only look in the mirror. She's the one who preached the benefits of total abstience while dragging her unmarried pregnant teenage daughter onto the national stage. (Can you say hypocrisy, Sarah?) And why are the Republicans so eager to deny other people benefits to which they personally feel they are entitled?

But enough. I can feel my blood pressure rising like the dough in your no-knead bread.
Anyway, as I said at the beginning, thank you so much for a really great post.

And thank you for giving me a chance to vent!
The Canadian Chickadee

Decadent Housewife said...

Oh my. Didn't want to give anyone hyper-tension or any extra hot-flashes. It just struck me as funny.

I don't know much about Sarah Palin. But she might have been wiser to have declined comment - even with Marg Delahunty flapping in her face...particularly, with Delahunty flapping in her face.

Anonymous said...

No problem! No hot flashes -- I had to have surgery about fifteen years ago (pre-cancer) so finished with that years ago.

I'm afraid that stupidity is one of my trigger points, and since Sarah P is our greatest living idiot -- well what can I say?

Scriptorsenex ran a wonderful cartoon last year about Sarah -- "Why do I have to know this stuff? George never did!!"

Ah well, what can you do but laugh?

On a happier note -- Your braided bread in the photo immediately to my right looks absolutely fabulous! I must try the recipe again. Thanks for all the additional tips by the way.

Take care, Canadian Chickadee

Kim said...

The American "Health Care" system is seriously broken and current plans to "fix" it won't. As for Sarah Palin, she is an embarassment to women everywhere. Not saying who I DID vote for, but John McCain sunk his campaign by choosing her as a running mate.

Anonymous said...

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