Thursday, November 19, 2009

So How's Your Week Going?

It's been a long week and I'm tired. I've only posted once and that, about the treacherous but now deceased Sandra.
It's raining and it's dark and I've been running around it seems every day. My feet hurt. I've put weight on thanks to discounted post-Halloween chocolate, chip dip and late night TV with Alexander Mundy. Wasn't he just the coolest thing?
I chopped off more of my hair and it's still flippy.

We had a gang out for Kid's Bible Club last night and they seemed to have likewise been into the Halloween candy. We are loosing a teacher to the five-year olds.
I thought we would have a picture of Buff to put up tonight. Swimming. It would explain why we call him Buff. But that didn't work out either.
The scans of a family book I keep emailing out to a genie (genealogy) friend across the lake keep bouncing back.
Over breakfast this morning, Fun talked about his ratty adventures with Speedy the past few nights. Seems Speedy's little basement apartment has visitors creeping about in the ceiling.
Shopping. I have no idea how you guys in The States handle two huge holidays so close together.
I couldn't find anything in the shops to fit Geek Guy's Mom. So I bought her stuff that doesn't matter but makes all the difference. Things she likes. Tapestry angel hanging and I gussied it up with some ribbon and poinsettia and an enameled butterfly. And I found a little Christmas tree and a wooden king with very bad teeth. But I can't find The Nutcracker - it's here somewhere - can't find any of the other Christmas decorations either. I've been back in the kitchen retesting recipes after someone wrote they got hockey pucks making my bread. It turned out just fine so I'm still not sure what would have happened.

My car is leaking rad fluid.
I got tangled up with the neck strap and dropped my camera. Cracked a filter. It now makes a clicky sound. GG wants to send it away to get fixed. I said "no."
We have a hole in the floor by the front door going through to the sump pump room. If you fall in, it will be into a huge thing that is sort of like a crockpot.
I made a church lady turn red in the cheeks today when she asked after the boys and I forgot to not mention about the one working at
the winery.
GG dumpster dived a wicker rocker - actually he got it from the cat lady across the road. I would have snuck out there in the dark and taken it. He boldly went and asked her husband in broad daylight. GG fixed it and stained it and I found a needle point cushion to accent it but I have no before and after because Fun sniped the camera for two days running and disappeared to a cow farm.
There are now cow pictures on my camera. And little dead sparrows.
Fun's sick. I'm keeping him plied with Elderberry syrup which for some reason comes from France.

And GG is at work and the tea kettle just whistled. There should be a poem brewing too on such a night.
Each one of these things is enough for one post but I'm tired so have thrown it all into one and I've not taken any pretty photos this week except of all the bent pins I keep finding in the pin box after Fun has been sewing and Leila's apron, which is nearly finished...
And a note on the fridge when I got in tonight from Town said a massage therapist will run anywhere from 70.00 to 100.00 per hour.
Would a hot tub work any better?(Cow photo by Fun.)


Patricia said...

=) My favorite? The bent pins.

Sooooooooooooo sorry about your camera. My little camera appears to be on her last leg...and oh....the grief!!!

I can relate to your week...I suspect many of us can. I know that all my friends who work outside the home find it difficult to believe that my life is full (not always pleasantly so)...but somehow it is.

I have not forgotten your kind gift. Honest.

James K. said...

Where you say Fun is sick, immediately after the report of dead sparrows makes me appear to have not only than just seasonal sickness...get what I am saying? hehe! I thought it was funny....Question..why are the needles bent? Oopsies! hehe

Caution Flag said...

Your week was tough! I'll not be visiting Speedy any time soon. And your camera! Now, that's a true heartbreaker.

I have an old hot tub (much better than a hot bath tub) so come over and soak. Just remember that I can't cook.

Adeena said...

Wow - massages are expensive in your neck of the woods! Ours are $60 for one hour... and I highly recommend them! :D

I can totally relate to your busy week... only it seems like I've had a busy month!

AngelMc said...

~(:->) I so enjoy reading about your happenings...have a great weekend.

Jeanne said...

Love and hugs to you
I am glad our Thanksgiving is in October as well.
I would be completely frazzled having the holidays run so close.
Love you


Just Loove! the cow! I use to be a dairy maid for a few years (before children!)
And Yes! Definately! get a hot tub!!

Vicky x

Mental P Mama said...

Yikes. I need a nap after all that! Love the cow;)

Gill - That British Woman said...

I pooped too after reading that post.........hope the weekend is going a bit slower and quieter for you.


Leila said...

Hee hee about the winery. We live in a place with many Seventh Day Adventists and I'm always making jokes about boozing and offering recipes with the wrong people :)

Richard D said...

At first I thought my monitor had turned into a mirror, but then the bovine face didn't move along with mine and I realized it was just a cow picture.

Protect that camera. I would die without mine.

And what winery did you forget not to tell about? And how may I taste and evaluate some of its products. I am quite jealous of your son's job. To be a grape grower and a vintner is a dream of mine.

I hope next week takes a turn for the better.

Decadent Housewife said...

Click on the photo of my kitchen drawer and you will see which winery. He is the violin player (teaches) and he absolutely LOVES his work at the winery.

I've gone back in and made the winery link live. Don't know how to do that here.

Richard D said...

Thanks, Decadent. I've checked out the winery and it looks like they have quite a few interesting wines - and at good prices as long as the shipping and handling don't kill me.

Here's the code for making a link live in the comments:

Enclose this first line in greater-than and less-than brackets (< and >). Replace URL with the actual URL, but leave the quotation marks around it.

a href="URL"

Then type the text for the link - something like "Awesomely awesome winery."

Enclose this in those same less-than and greater-than brackets:


It ends up showing in the comments like this:

Awesomely awesome winery