Thursday, November 12, 2009

Six Things

A gorgeous award showed up a few weeks ago from Sue over at Living and Learning. Thank you Sue. Sue is a very sweet girl living in Japan. The award comes with strings attached - tell six things about yourself, that no one knows (or cares) about. Here goes:
  1. I have no desire to visit Antarctica.
  2. When a preacher says, "Don't read/see, such and such," I make note of the title and read/see, such and such.
  3. I let the air out of Philip Gradey's bike tires when we were both around ten and disconnected the battery in his car when we were both around sixteen.
  4. While packing peaches bound for Montreal, I lost the ruby ring my grandmother gave me.
  5. I plan to invent a dessert and name it Pavarotti in Heaven.
  6. I saw "Hair" in London's Shaftesbury Theatre in 1970-something.
There. Earth moving revelations, I know.
And, like those chain-letters prepubiscient girls sent to one another back in 1960-something, which everyone said were illegal, I'm supposed to pass this on to six more blogs. (Were they actually illegal?) And it's up to those bloggers if they wish to keep the chain going. It was tough - but here, each for their own unique reasons and in no particular order, are my choices for Gorgeous Blogger Award.

Jeanne's Bliss Blog overflows with love, poems, songs, happy thoughts.
Anglesey Allsorts - Vicky always has a cornucopia of all sorts doing in her little Welsh cottage.
Pollywog Creek - Patricia - clear-headed writer, amazing photographs, loves up her grandbabies.
Caution Flag, at the Human Race 600 keeps us breathless in her daily drive through life.
That British Woman - You just never know what's up next with Gill.
Cait O'Connor - Quiet, restful, thoughtful - I can hear the clock, tick-tock, tick-tock.

(Photo by GG: Autumn windsurfing on Lake Erie, something I've never done - nor will.)


Gill - That British Woman said...

what an interesting list. I take it you had a crush on Philip Gradey? Please tell me, he's not your dh now is he? That would be so funny,


Oh and thanks for nominating me.....


Some one had a nice surpirse when they open their carton of peaches! But its so sad when you lose something so special as that - and nothing can replace it!

Vicky x

Cait O'Connor said...

Thank you for calling by my blog and thanks too for the kind award, I am flattered.
What a fabulous blog you have, gorgeous photos and words, recipes etc. etc. I shall be back.
Thanks again, I will try and do the task.

Jeanne said...

Love you and thanks so much for this award
Love and kisses
Be careful this Friday the 13th
Love Jeanne♥

Caution Flag said...

Thank-you, Decadent. I shall mull over the list of things I could post and allow my mother to read. Glad it should be a short list.

What did happen with Philip? Sounds like serious love to me.

Sue said...

I love your list - #2 made me LOL! A dessert for Pavarotti? I like it. You must post the recipe!

Sue said...

Oh, and it's been some time since anyone referred to me as a "girl"! XXOOXX

Patricia said...

What a cool award! Thank you!!!! YOU are the gorgeous blogger!!!

I have had an exhausting week (loving up on those grandbabies and more), but promise to tackle those attached strings as soon as I recover and can put two words together.


GooseBreeder said...

I saw "Hair" too in the 70's in London,bet we were the only ones!
So what had Phillip done?
I'm with you on the books too.