Wednesday, October 14, 2009

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Roll Kuchen and Violinist's wedding ceremony opened with MoB and MoG carrying in lit tapers with which we were to light two candelabras each bearing a hundred tapers a piece. Well, not really, but it seemed that way - particularly when none of them would light and I noticed the pianist seemingly turning River Flows in You, into, Frere Jacques. He was very smooth. Of course the candelabras lit just fine the night before. I finally got mine lit and went to help MoB. She leaned over, "Forget this, let's go do the unity tapers." We did. My brother later mentioned, lacking a jack knife to de-wax the candles, he thought to run down the street to a nearby metal shop and borrow a blow torch. He's helpful like that.
Like the time back in 1970 something, he joined all the eyes in my just freshly sewn eyelet dress, using a pair of scissors. And then the time he fired an orange at me. I ducked and it broke a pottery water jug. While accompanied by a traveling companion carrying a gunstock camera mount, I had cradled that jug through a country under military junta, five airports, two continents, across an ocean - circumstances apparently less daunting than a little brother. And to make this post useful, I'll tell you what GG and I did the other day - wash Venetians. I was surprised, when I read somewhere that some people just throw them out when they need washing and buy new ones. If you have any sort of flat outdoor area like a back porch or deck they can be laid out there, scrubbed gently with a bit of dish soap, rinse and then reverse the slats and scrub again. Rinse. Hang up to dry and re-install.

(Photos by Saucey Chef)


Patricia said...

Imagining the giggles at the wedding. I think those little glitches are what make for fond memories.

I'm waiting for cooler, less humid weather to tackle my blinds - one room at a time - in much the same way.

Leila said...

Candles never cooperate! But it all sounds lovely.

Wash the blinds...ha ha ha...I love how everyone moans and groans about the economy but they won't just wash something already.

Jeanne said...

I love all you share
I love you

Caution Flag said...

I handle the blinds by simply not looking at them. What I don't see doesn't have to be washed.