Monday, July 20, 2009

Vacation At Home

I'm not a beach person. I'm not a water person. It takes a lot of doing to get me anywhere near water even on a hot day. It's pretty, but I don't much like to be in it especially in the Annette Funicello sort of way. Lounging on a beach deflecting sunlight is not for me. I'd sooner be floating on Shiny Pond in a canoe reading a book. Or firmly planted on shore, frying a just caught fish over a wood fire. Or walking through the bush with paper and pen and camera, swatting the odd mosquito. We've been having a very cool summer here and that has been just fine with me. I like the fact that thus far, most nights this summer only flannel sheets will do. Coffee smells and tastes better in nippy air. I like wearing wool sweaters and trackpants in July. I really do.
Thursday this past week, GG suggested a trip down to the beach. It was the second hot day we've had this summer, something I truly do not mourn and GG's suggestion gave me a Red Green moment.
"Okay - I'll go - if I have too."
"You have your camera," he consoled. The water was white capped with a strong wind coming in off the lake. People were apparently enjoying their day at the beach. I wanted to leave. I can't understand it but that's just how it is. I saw a man in long trousers and jacket walking his dog. "AHA!" I thought, "Another me. He's as uncomfortable here as I am." But then I noticed him taking sideways glances at various bikini clad girls, while being pulled up the beach by the bounding dog. Aha. Another guy. Today GG asked me if I would like to travel north, a traditional thing many Southern Ontarians do to escape the heat here in southern Ontario. Usually, I would say yes, but this year, it's as if the north has come to us.
"It's nice where we are, don't you think?"
"Yes. It is," he answered.
And this has made me think about how we rush around doing things because it may seem fashionable or traditional or appealing. The weather has come to us and with a few day trips out here and there, we are enjoying vacation in our own backyard.

(Seacliffe Beach, Lake Erie, Ontario, Canada.)


Scriptor Senex said...

Sometimes that's just what we need - for life to come to us; instead of having to seek it out. Sounds suitably decadent to me.

Patricia said...

Such lovely thoughts. Unlike most Floridians, I'm not much of a beach person, either, especially in the summer. We are much more inclined to spend hours on the beach in the fall or spring, and while the rest of my family enjoys soaking up the rays, I much prefer lazy walks along the shore at dawn and dusk - for there is nothing more glorious than a sunset over the ocean. Wool in July? I am so jealous. I rarely wear wool in January.

Caution Flag said...

I think I could vacation in your backyard, too. That is, if you didn't make me ride a bicycle or swat at a mosquito or bake something or sew. See how entirely similar we are ?!

Jeanne said...

Love all you share

Sue said...

Where you are sounds close to heaven to me! We are having a strange day here. It's July, yet cool and comfortable enough for me to keep the air conditioning off. Amazing! You would think I had won the lottery. I'm so happy!

AngelMc said...

wool in mouth fell open. have you ever been to the deep south in the summer?
i pray for snow each winter.
me--i love the beach, i could stay out there (under a tent or umbrella) from dawn till dusk reading my books...we haven't been now in 2 summers. i miss it....the sugar white sand of florida beaches......maybe next summer.

Decadent Housewife said...

Driven through Death Valley in August - does that count? Of course there is no humidity out there so it didn't feel the same.

Have also been in Tenn. in the summer. Where we live in Canada it is just about the same with summer heat and humidity. This year so far has not.

Mental P Mama said...

It has been a great summer for a staycation....such beautiful sights you have;)