Thursday, July 2, 2009

Upon the Pond

Summer days
beneath the haze,
I will sit with you,
upon the pond it's shiny face
in yonder red canoe.

I'll read you Keats
and maybe sleep,
awake and share a kiss,
summer days beneath the haze,
nothing else to miss.

(Hey. It was raining tonight, what can I say? And yeah, "yonder" is kinda' dorky but it needs two beats there and the only thing Buff could come up with was "teensy" and we ain't goin' there. Copyright. Daily Decadent. July '09)


Mental P Mama said...

It's perfect.

Jeanne said...

Love all you share.

Richard D said...

If you drop the "red" descriptor, you could keep the meter a slightly different direction.

"The broken down canoe"
"The leaking old canoe"
"An unstable red canoe"
"My sinking red canoe"

The possibilities are endless.

BTW - I love the pic and the poem. Yonder is fine by me.

Decadent Housewife said...

Thanks, Richard, I figured you'd like yonder. According to the dictionary it's an old southern word.

I like your choices. The real problem I suppose, is putting Keats with a canoe - any kind of canoe.

Patricia said...

Very lovely photo and prose, Decadent.

Don't you just love pond reflections? Literally and figuritively. =)

Richard D said...

Pond Reflections. Good one, Patricia. That actually sounds like a wonderful blog title.

Decadent - you're right. "Yonder" is not such an uncommon term in the southern US. My wife is from Tennessee, and uses it regularly. "Go pick up yonder branches." "Go over yonder and tell those people to stop walking on our yard." And the ever faithful, "Your coffee and mug is over yonder. Is there anything else you'd like me to take care of for you whilst you sit in yonder chair drinking beer?"

Decadent Housewife said...

Ha ha, good Richard. I actually think of While the Roll is Called Up Yonder, so don't know about the beer part - was a very tight laced Baptist. But maybe too that's why I think of yonder as archaic. It reminds me of my growing up days church and KJV. Now "whilst" - there's one I use.

Pond Reflections. Yes that is good - even on a January day.