Thursday, June 11, 2009


What secret, Peony, do you hold?
Your frilly face and manners bold,
how lovely, Duchess, is your dress
fragrant dreams to me will bless.
I watched you in the moonlight dance,
delicious breeze wrought pearly trance,
creamy shadows, kittens purr;
your ways not fragile, nor demure.
(Copyright 2009. Daily Decadent. More poetry and it's not even raining! The peonies pictured were my mother's plants. They now bloom outside my bedroom window. And I do watch them dance in the moonlight. )


Sue said...

That is such a delicate pink! So lovely.

Mental P Mama said...

Beautiful shots. More beautiful words;)

Sally's World said...

beautiful words and pictures xxxx

Leila said...


And they have a beautiful scent, don't they?

I'm so happy that you chime in with your mothering wisdom chez moi. It feels like a gathering of experienced moms telling their funny stories (Daily Decadent: "I'm sure you hear me tell them that all the time!" L*O*L*) and the younger moms saying to themselves, "I can do that too! I won't take myself so seriously, I'll use some common sense, and voila!"

Thanks for your faithful comments!

Jeanne said...