Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oopsy On The Go

Oopsy accompanied Decadent Housewife to The City today - Windsor, Ontario - and got to meet the final wolf, Speedy.
"Speedy! Speedy! Violinist said you would take me for a ride on your bicycle! Do you like my new dress?! Your Mom made it for me! Buff let me pump iron! Fun is soooo much fun! Where's your bicycle?!"
"Slow down, little bear, take it easy, take it easy. The bicycle is only for Froggy. Only Froggy gets to ride up front." We decided to enjoy the sweltering heat and walk down to the Detroit River - you can see Detroit City behind Speedy and the two new friends pretended to fall in. Oopsy has caught on to these wolves and just laughed.
Although it was only afternoon, people were already sitting in shade with their coolers waiting for tonight's combined July 1st and July 4th fireworks, celebrating the births of our two countries, Canada and the U.S.A. The river tonight will be filled with watercraft and the sky over the water filled, absolutely filled with fireworks.
We got back to Speedy's house and were enjoying refreshing popsicle's when Oopsy said, "Speedy, you know, I've been traveling around the world. I'm from Australia."
"Yeah, I could tell. You sound like Saucey Chef's Beloved."
"Speedy, I know I just met you, but it's time for me to be moving on. Would you do me the honour of choosing a name from the bowl?"
And Speedy did and Oopsy will now be packing her cardboard box and flying off to Margaret's Ramblings. England. Oh Oopsy! You lucky little bear! Margaret, send me an email to dailydecadent at and this little bear will be on her way.


Caution Flag said...

Was it any cooler by the river? How do people like Speedy and Oopsy manage to not look miserable in the heat?

AngelMc said...

One day this week when I got in my car the outside thermometer read 101!!!
And I remember thinking that it is just June. How will I make it thru July/August/September?
But when my son stepped off the plane in Kuwait, it was 119.......

Caroline said...

Thank you Thank you thank you for looking after Oopsy so well. Oh and the little dress how devine. I have found some great blogs(like yours) from Oopsy's travels and I hope I continue to do so. How exciting Oopsy has never been to England.

Decadent Housewife said...

No. It was hideously humid and hot. I didn't hang around for the fireworks - just too hot of a day.

You are welcome. We all had a lot of fun with it all. I enjoyed making the itty bitty clothes. And the boys are actually sad to see her go.