Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oopsy Meets a Canadian Wolf

So GG went to greet a little traveler at the General Store Monday afternoon. I was busy sewing and had my back turned when I heard, "Ahem" and then the pitter patter of tiny feet. I turned, dropped my sewing and we ran to greet one another.
"Oopsy! Hello! Welcome to Canada. Very nice to meet you. Here, let me take that cardboard box you've been travelling in...oh good grief, didn't anyone warn you about plastic bags?"
"Hello, Mrs. Decadent Housewife. Nice to meet you. Where are the wolves?"
"Pardon me?"
"Wolves. I read your blog. I know you have wolves living here. Where are they?"
"Really, Oopsy - oh my, you're as pale as thin asparagus soup. They are friendly wolves. Really."

But Oopsy did not reply and when we heard a distinct rustling at the front door, I noticed her blanch again, this time to a parsnip shade.
"Relax. It's only Buff. He's home from school. You'll like him...especially after he's eaten. Did you have a nice journey? Let's see...it says you came all the way across the lake, Lake Erie, from Ohio - the Buckeye State. Another family of boys. Little boys." Upon which I heard a faint sigh. "Are you tired? Oh, yes, of course, it says you actually came all the way across the ocean, The Pacific, from Australia! A family with both boys and girls. Are you homesick?"
But Oopsy, still looking a little green, just hung her head and sighed again.
And when Buff finished rummaging through the refrigerator, fixed himself a vile Algae smoothie and eaten a half side of beef, he burped and then said, "Hey, Oopsy, want to pump some iron? Or go hunting for supper - maybe bear?"
"Just kidding, Mother."
I thought Oopsy could use some rest, so she hung out on the hammock until her colour returned and then had a bit of supper on the deck, toast points with melted cheese and a warm glass of milk. And I made sure The Cat and The Other Cats kept a respectful distance and now she is fast asleep, in a cozy drawer, in my room, away from any wolves.

(Visit Oopsy's family in Australia. http://caroline-thesimplethings.blogspot.com/

Oopsy was last in Ohio, U.S.A. visiting with the fine folk at
http://www.learningatourhouse.wordpress.com/ )


Mental P Mama said...

That is one cute houseguest;) If I come over, will I be able to have some toast points with cheese and warm milk? If so, I'm going to find a shipping carton today;)

Flip Flop Floozie said...

You have some of the most beautiful pictures on your blog!! It is so colorful!! I love those peonies. We had them when we lived in Illinois but none this gorgeous.
Thanks for stopping by..Yes, I am trying to get out of the land of missing bloggers.

Adeena said...

Sounds like fun! :) Enjoy your visit with Oopsy.

Learning At Our House said...

I am so glad she made it! My boys have been waiting for some info on her. I am sure she will have a lot of fun with you in Canada. I am looking forward to reading about her adventures.


Caroline said...

LOL Mmmm.... glad Oopsy doesn't think that way about the kangaroos & Dingoes.
Have had no internet of late so will do a post soon. Thank you for taking Oopsy on a holiday