Monday, June 29, 2009

Oopsy Leaves for England

"Oopsy, you know when one goes traveling, it is customary to send postcards back home. Would you like to send a postcard to your family before you leave Canada?"
"Ohhh yes, please. What should I say?"
"Well, say briefly where you've been. Anything interesting. The weather."
Dear Family,
Am having a wonderful time, wish you were here.
Love Oopsy.

"How's that?"
Well...try adding a little more.

Dear Family,
Despite this being Canada, this is the only real wolf I have seen. But that's okay, 'cause I saw and did a whole lot of other stuff.I learned to sew shhh!.. lingerie! Mrs. Decadent Housewife let me pick out material from her stash and made me a sundress.
I helped wrap presents and
decorate for a bridal shower of a girl they call Roll Kuchen. She is going to marry one of the wolves. And it's true, Mennonite girls really can cook.
I ate a lot of Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake and baked iced buns called Pan which originate in Mexico.
Decadent Housewife says she will find out how to make Pan and let us know. And I drank Raspberry Cordial and stared at a cute boy they call Med Student Friend.I rode along the shores of one of the Great Lakes - Lake Erie and the Detroit River in a smarty pants car - saw the Ambassador Bridge between Canada and the U.S.A. They all drive on the wrong side of the road over here.
On the summer solstice, Decadent Housewife and I watched the sun come up across the fields.
Mrs. Decadent Housewife and Mr. GG took me out for ice cream to one of the last original carhop roadside eateries in all of North America - Dairy Freez, in Northridge, Ontario since 1954.
Am having a wonderful time, wish you were here. Miss you.
Love Oopsy. xo
PS. Mrs. Decadent Housewife says I'm off to England next and showed me on her desk map.

"How's that?"
"Perfect. Goodbye Oopsy. We will miss you."
"Goodbye and thank you Mrs. Decadent Housewife. I will miss you, too."

(We've had great fun with Oopsy. Thank you to everyone who left comments offering to host the little bear next. Continue to follow Oopsy over at Margaret's Ramblings.)


Mental P Mama said...

Safe travels sweet Oopsie! And what a grand visit you've had chez Decadent;)

Sue said...

My, my, Oopsy, you have been busy! I'd sure like to sample some of that Pan. That is the word for "bread" in Japanese, by the way -- I think it was adopted from Portuguese (that word looks so funny spelled out). Safe travels to England!

Gill - That British Woman said...

wow Oopsey was a busy girl, you really showed her a good time!!!


Scriptor Senex said...

I'm a Margaret's Ramblings fan and now an Oopsy fan! I think it's a great idea. If Oopsy wants to come to England again some time she'd be welcome on the Wirral.

Decadent Housewife said...

Hi Scriptor Senex,
Thanks for stopping by. Watch Oopsy at Margaret's - just never know if you will get to host Oopsy next.