Friday, June 19, 2009

Oopsy Learns Left from Right

Thursday, we were busy baking buns when I heard a smarty pants car coming up the driveway.
"Oopsy, go to the door, there is another wolf coming in for supper."
So Oopsy met Violinist, who did not disappoint and wolfed down supper while Oopsy sat asking a zillion questions.
"I helped your Mom today, Violinist."
"You did?"
"Um-hmm. You now have clean socks and underwear."
"Gee, thanks, Oopsy.""Can I have a ride in your car, Violinist?"
"I wouldn't be much fun Oopsy. I'm getting married, so now I have to drive like an old man. Speedy is the one to drive with and all he has is a bicycle. And look how little you are, you need a car seat.
"Oh....maybe that's why people keep putting me into that cardboard box."
"But I'll show you my car."
"Shouldn't I sit there?"
"No, Oopsy. We drive on the right, you drive on the left.

Violinist went off to visit Roll Kuchen, so Oopsy spent the rest of the evening with Decadent and GG swinging on the hammock, telling us about life in Australia. The spiders. The dingoes. The southern sky. Ahhh, Oopsy. I just may get into that cardboard box myself.

(Oopsy's home is in Queensland, Australia. Visit her family at )


Mental P Mama said...

We're gonna need a box big enough for me, too;) And I think Violinist was most patient....

Caution Flag said...

Oopsy has a lot of confidence. I need some of the that, too.

When is the wedding?

Caroline said...

Hey Oopsy is havin so much fun. She featured on my blog today to!!
Thank you for looking after her so well. But just a warning DON'T let her drive shes really bad

Decadent Housewife said...

Violinist gets married in August.