Monday, June 8, 2009

Imitators of Christ

Have you ever noticed how the shape of the Horse Chestnut tree is reflected in the shape of it's blooms? Tall spires of creamy pink and yellow dotted blossoms dance defiantly in the late spring air, the leaves tousled and carefree, yet the tree itself, altogether quite orderly in appearance. Sunday's lesson; Christ is our perfect example. We are reflected in the lives of our children. What they see in us they will imitate, good or bad. Let's imitate our perfect example to pass that on to our children.


Sue said...

Yes, so humbling, and so challenging!

Richard D said...

This is beautiful, Decadent, the pictures and the thoughts. It is so important to imitate Christ so that those watching (our children and the watching world) will see the excellency of Christ and not the sinfulness of us.

Caution Flag said...

That is my daily prayer. The opposite actions are my daily temptation, though. As a child, I thought adulthood would be so much easier.

Jeanne said...

I love all you share
So beautiful indeed.
Love Jeanne♥

Mental P Mama said...

Beautiful. And, amen.