Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Found a Dress - Sort Of

So. I squeezed into some nightmare called panti-hose, pulled on a three-quarter sleeve fitted white shirt, navy cashmere jacket, straight jean skirt, some woven Riekers - turquoise bracelet, threw my little black bag criss-cross over my shoulder and drove off to Town in search of a Mother of the Groom dress. GG offered to come, but I said, "NO" - wouldn't understand what I needed to do. Or spend.

At the edge of Town, I felt the nightmare beginning to creep. Looking down, I then saw they were also very spice coloured, upon which I thought, "I wonder if anybody else notices and what the heck was I thinking when I bought these things anyhow?" So I planned to go and buy a different pair after the first shop. But was emboldened when I noticed the lady in the first shop didn't seem to notice. So I went on to the second shop but tore the hose trying to pull them up and would have just yanked them off and stuffed them into my tote had the tote not been in the van. I didn't want to just leave a nightmare on the dressing room floor. Town is a small town. "I will have to think about this dress," I said and off I went to, you know - That-Mart - looking for some less spray-tanny panti-hose and keeping my word, thinking about the dress.

There are some lovely little dress shops in Town but it has been I'm afraid to say, years since I've been in any of them. Somehow, I just managed without. If I needed a dress, I sewed it. Here was the flower shop where I bought my bridal bouquet - twenty-five years ago. The lady kindly showed me her beautiful garments. Burnished coppers and swirling turquoises, lots of blacks. I wanted navy. "Come. Come back here, these are my new shipments, nothing is priced yet." This had been the cooler where GG's sister showed me roses and gardenias. I wanted apple blossoms.
"This is Samuel Dong."
"You have Dong? Oh, I love his textures!" But I could see she didn't have Tadashi or even a reasonable facsimile. There was a Marge dress - Marge Simpson - the bust stuck a way out - all by itself. I kept thinking about the dress in the second shop. My new hose, which I'd dashed into the library to pull on were very thin, nude. I was confident. I'd left the nightmare in the garbage at the library. I thanked her for her time but not before stopping to finger a $700.00 blouse that didn't look any different than the $3.50 one I wore to Saucey Chef's Canadian wedding reception.

Somewhere along life, likely around the advent of kids, I began to shop second-hand. Once upon a time I actually wore silk dresses and cashmere sweaters purchased from first-hand stores. I was careful to shop the sales though. At this very moment a shocking pink Rouie awaits new life as the lining for a musician's vest. Then I began to enjoy the thrill of finding a real gem - like the cashmere jacket I was wearing - $13.00 and the skirt $2.00 and the shirt - can't remember and the bracelet - GG. And I looked down - shoes - always new - I don't fool around with my feet and I noticed the blue paint smear on the top of my purse. Fun - Fun did that by accident. But I keep it turned so no one will notice.
"This is the silhouette I want. This." I waved downward from neck to hip. "A bit formal. Straight skirt. Fitted jacket. Three-quarter sleeve. Navy. Maybe a wrap top. No frou-frou. A collar. No portrait. Think Katharine Hepburn." I saw a lot of gorgeous clothing. I saw some very ugly clothing. I saw some decidedly tired looking Mother Of's. I saw an amazing shop packed with thousands of gowns looking very - prommy and a bleached blonde trying on her wedding gown. It did not cover the tattoo between her shoulder blades.

But I found a gown. It needs to be adjusted. I can do that. Speedy's suit is finished. Instead of writing a post for yesterday, I worked on his jacket and trousers and now I'm working on something else and then next, on to fixing this gown. I put it on for GG.
"How much was it?"
"See? This - I have to raise this and take this in. And lose that thing there," as I grabbed about two feet of skirt and pulled it up behind. "And then the hair will be up. Like this." And I ran into our bedroom and squished on some navy pumps - bought on sale - a very long time ago and I'll wear these - maybe. And he smiled and grabbed me by the waist and I got a very big kiss, despite what I need to do and what I had to spend.(The flowers are phlox, remnants of a long ago neglected garden.)


Mental P Mama said...

This makes me smile. I know you are going to be beautiful. And that reminds me, I need to have the "don't get a tattoo anyone can see" speech to my kids;) Have a wonderful, pantyhose - free day!

Leila said...

Oh good! I'm glad!

Yes, tattoos. How dumb. Not pretty.

Leila said...

Do you know that if you google "Tadashi suit" your post comes up FIRST!?!

So -- I'm impressed and not very further along...

But if I figure out what it is, I might have a leg up (so to speak) on MY MOG dress... because I can't hope to be so lucky as to have my girls find me ANOTHER dress...

Although I do get the idea it's all a pricey business. Hmph.

Decadent Housewife said...

Oh that's funny. Google is the new Britannica-without a brain. N'est pas? Tadashi makes a lot of wrap front tops and skirts looking like one piece gowns, but tailored and classic.

I can't imagine having to find TWO dresses for Mother Of's so close together. So lucky that you have girls who will do the shopping for you.

I had a fair idea that it wouldn't be cheap and after looking around the internet was not really shocked with the prices I saw, although mine was quite reasonable actually.