Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Things of Extinction

Late yesterday, I went poking through the bush pretending I was Jane Goodall minus the chimps. Buff came bursting in earlier from school, "I need pants, I need shoes, I need my hat, I need food, I need to get to Town in half an hour."

I had been planning to photograph some plants, which may or may not be on an endangered or extinct species list here in Ontario, over in the bush on The Farm where I grew up. After dropping Buff off at The Chicken Place in Town, I headed back to the bush at The Farm.
I was squatting down, bending waaaay over, because all the red Trilliums were all nodding their heads and I wanted to see their faces - when my telephone rang.
"Hello, Decadent?"
"Are you busy?"
"It's about One Old Man."
My friend The Doctor chit chatted a few minutes and then asked, "What are you doing?"
I'm pretending to be Jane Goodall minus the chimps. I even wore my long sleeved black turtleneck."
"You're crazy."
I went back to the shy Red Trilliums.

It was coolish and the sun kept dipping in and out so I had on my heavier red jacket. My purse was slung crossways over my body. The camera was hooped around my neck, the spare lens stuffed into my pocket and the van keys on a chain around my neck. Really? Really. The last thing you want to do is lose your car keys in the bush.
Anyhow. I was thinking about lying right down, carefully, so as to not crush some possibly extinct plant and get a snail's eye view of these trilliums when I heard branches snapping and a cough. She was quite fat - fatter than Decadent Housewife after a long winter of too many Raisin Cinnamon Sticky Buns - carried a bulging white bag stuffed with what I supposed were wild leeks and wore a bright orange construction vest with yellow reflector tape. No one would mistake her for Bambi - that's for sure.

I straightened up to get a better look and imagined she was from the neighbouring campground because I know all the farmer's wives and she wasn't one of them. Anyhow, no farmer's wife would be out at suppertime crashing through the neighbour's bushlot wearing a safety vest.
And when you meet somebody in the bush they stop and talk. She was running away. So. She was up to no good. She must have caught sight of me because when I motioned and called out she really began hoofing it, cracking and crashing and coughing.

I made a louder HALLO! but she picked it up disappearing west over the ridge near the south end of the pond. Had I been in a less contemplative mood, and had there been less stuff hanging off my body, I may have followed after her, but it really would not have been possible to catch up without slashing and burning as she was.
She clearly had forgotten that if you find yourself walking through a bush, any bush, make sure you first have permission and secondly, don't plough through it like a - a fat lady dragging her booty of stolen leeks. I went back to my photo and note taking and was especially intrigued with some noddy little violets, vivid blues and yellows - most delicate, all appearing in patches, when my concentration was broken by a dirt bike.

I got back up again. He slowed - could be a friend of Buff's. He looked a little afraid which is funny because nobody can outrun a dirt bike, especially Decadent Housewife laden down with all the stupid stuff she drags off into the bush with her so as to document itty bitty extinct flora and fauna.
We stared deciding what to do next. He seemed confused, like he intended to ride through the bush but I had startled him foiling the plan. It was then I sort of deja vued a recurring dream I've had since childhood. Decadent is out somewhere on The Farm minding her own business when this big fat butt, honking truck appears - and - it - is - going - to CRu - sh me!? And rrrun no matter how fast, little or big Decadent tries to run, she - can - not, get away.

He started up again and turned to his left, sl -o- wly following the bush perimeter. We both kept our eyes fixed on each other. He sl -o- wly turned and sl -o- wly rode between the east field and the bush disappearing south toward Town and the gravel pits and the police.

There was a time when I went to the bush to get away from people. That seems quite extinct now but hopefully, I'll quit having that bad dream now too.


Patricia said...

Beautiful photos, Jane, I mean Decadent. Thanks for taking me on your walk through the bush - intruders and all.

I almost never walk around Pollywog Creek without my cell phone and if my husband isn't at home, I avoid some of the more remote areas. I don't worry about people as much as I do a fox or bobcat or rattlesnake.

Things of extinction - like peace and quiet in the woods. Pollywog Creek has experienced much of the same. Traffic noises from a nearby highway have increased and the flight pattern for incoming jets to an airport 25 miles away was re-routed overhead. Though we rarely hear the normal jet flying sounds, they often lower their landing gear right over us and you would not believe how unsettling a noise that is.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Gorgeous flowers..I am so in love with flowers..what a dream they are. Before coming to work this afternoon I went down to an Orchid shop here in the mall to say hi to some people I know there..You should have seen the orchids..oh my they are so beautiful..Never had one of those before.

Jeanne said...

Gorgeous love the trilliums
Love you

AngelMc said...

Love the gorgeous pictures. One word keeps coming to me while I look at them.....lush.
Kinda scary to come upon a trespasser like that--but I have to admit when hubby and I are riding around in the country and I see these intriguing roads meandering off the main road....I want to trespass, but hubby never will let me.

Words Words said...

Wonderful combination of words and photos in this post. I always love the real story behind pretty pictures.

Mental P Mama said...

What a wonderful adventure;) Love the trilliums. Not the trespasser. But I hope her soup was good;)

Decadent Housewife said...

Thanks, Words, for stopping by.