Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More Fun

This is how not to be nice to your mother.
Work eighteen hour days.
Leave these photos on her camera of a car looking a whole lot like yours.
Say nothing and go to bed. (Photos by Fun)



Oh No! - Do tell!!!

Caution Flag said...

It's a love letter of sorts, is it? Get typing, sister, because you are not allowed to stop the story there.

Sue said...

What?! What happened?

Decadent Housewife said...

A whole lot of these photos were on my camera the other morning. GG showed them to me first thing in the morning and said, "Look at this." He let me think it was Fun's car for a few minutes and then said, "Fun's safe asleep in bed, it's not his car."

Fun coming home from work at five in the morning passed by this car in the ditch. He went back with my camera to take photos because that's what guys do, I guess - at least the ones I live with. It looks almost like Fun's car and had GG fooled too for a bit.

Fun's our accident prone guy - every morning, every night I whisper a prayer especially for him.

Mental P Mama said...