Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Man Talk

What do you
it was about?


Sally's World said..., let me thing, could it be football...who should have done what, what lost the game, who needs shooting???

maybe the merits of a lighter beer????

ooh ooh, I know, they are asking if their bum looks big in these shorts...oh no, hang on, thats women!!!

dunno then!!!

Sally's World said...

P.S meant let me THINK...can't spell today!!!

Sue said...

I love how you captured that simple every day moment. Let's just imagine that some very important truths were being passed on to the next generation!

Jeanne said...


Leila said...


"I don't know what he was thinking!...

"But he was safe."

"Do you think they'll make the playoffs this year?"

(The picture you didn't post)..."Sure."

Decadent Housewife said...

Anybody's guess. I have no idea. Although this did go through my head,

"Your mother's big old messy garden has got to go!

"Get one of those little yellow machines and just flatten the whole thing."

"When do we start?"