Thursday, May 7, 2009

Heavy Landing

Do you suppose if Decadent attached diaphanous wings to her back, she could be seen as a thing of beauty flitting about? She feels about the same, after a winter of too many cinnamon raisin sticky buns. Ha! Anyway, I've got sewing to do today. Meanwhile, thought I'd leave you with what I've always associated with being the original airbus.


Leila said...

And...what are you sewing, O M-O-G??

Sally's World said...

so just to there such a thing as too many cinamon buns...may be where i am going wrong!!!

Jeanne said...

Happy Mothers Day

Richard D said...

I love these bee pictures. It's so beautiful where you live.

Happy Mother's Day, Decadent.

jan said...

You take the most incredible photos! I love stopping by just to look at your pictures. :-)

Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!