Saturday, May 9, 2009

Catching Up

"Hello Decadent?"
"It's Elderly Cousin."
"Oh hello, how are you?"
"Decadent, are you mad at me? I haven't been able to reach you the past two weeks."
"Oh no, just busy - One Old Man - here and there. Yourself?"
"I've been well, just a little cough. But not sick or anything. Some of those old people at the senior center are sick with flu. Not swine or anything. My friend Vivian fell and broke her hip and my other friend Janelle over in that home in Chatham fell and she broke her hip. People aren't careful. They just go too fast. They should be careful."
"Yes. We should be careful.""There is so much wind today. Do you have wind too, Decadent?"
"No, but it looks like it's going to storm, Elderly Cousin, have you heard?"
"No, I haven't heard - haven't had the radio on, although one son fixed it the last time he was here. Have you been working outside?"
"Yes, I got the roses pruned, although it was late, should have done that over a month ago. I left a few canes on my miniature climber. I started it from the one at The Farm. It's old, from Dad's grandmother's mother. I think they brought it over a few centuries ago from somewhere. I saw the same rose in an article about heirloom roses."
"I started some a few years ago and tried propagating more last fall, but somebody knocked the canes loose from the pots, so I'll go back to burying the canes right into the ground. Did you know that the mother is red but one of the daughters came up white?"
"Say, well. I've never heard of anything like that."
"Is your rhubarb up?"
"Yes, it is Decadent, and my son from far away is visiting my daughter far across the ocean. He's the one who lost his job a year ago so he decided to go visit her. He's fixing her house for her while he's there."
"Oh my."
"The front porch began to sag and she wanted to remove it, so she paid for his way over and bought him tools to work with when he got there. He said it would be a shame to tear off the front porch of a five hundred year old house. They have such old houses over there."
"Well, it must be a good house otherwise, Elderly Cousin, if the porch is only falling off now - we haven't been able to get even two decades out of our roof."
"Yes, well, my other son from far away is going over for all of July, although I don't know why. And the little granddaughter is four now. She speaks perfect French and German and English and even understands Spanish. Those countries are so small over there, you know."
"How is everybody keeping out your way?""Speedy is in B.C."*
"Say, well."
"His friend's sister moved out there. Speedy and his friend drove her car out to her. They went up through the Soo* and cut across the States - the Badlands - Montana. They called back though on their first day out with car trouble. GG told them what he thought it was. He was right. They slept one night in the car out on the prairies somewhere."
"Well, won't they have stories to tell?!"
"They fly back in a few more days. I suspect someday Speedy will want to move out there."
"Well. It all changes doesn't it? They all grow up, Decadent."
"Yes. And we have no hot water and GG is trying to fix it."
"Say, well."
"He took out a part and brought in another part from The Shop from Hell and spent part of the morning calling around for parts and then he thought he had it fixed but came back up from downstairs with black smudged face and fingers holding some other kind of part and said, "Oh, I wasn't real careful." I'm leaving tonight for Ottawa with Violinist, although he's been sick with flu the past few days. No, no, not swine. Yes, I'm making chicken soup right now. He is going on business and asked me to come along with him. We are driving up, enjoying a few extra days and taking the train back."
"Well. Isn't that nice?"
"I will call you when we get home, Elderly Cousin."
"That will be nice. I'm having lunch today with my friend."
"Oh how wonderful!"
"He is so good to me and does things for me around here."
"Yes, you need someone around to do things. GG was just last night over to One Old Man's doing things for him. No, I didn't go over. I've been busy sewing a vest for Buff. But I'm afraid I've ruined it. I wasn't careful and burned a big hole in the front facing - the part that folds over to the outside. No, I have no more fabric."
"Say, well - that's a shame, but I'm sure you can fix it. Hope you get your hot water back soon. You take care."
"You too. Say hello to everyone."
"Happy Mother's Day, Decadent."
"Happy Mother's Day, Elderly Cousin."(*B.C, British Columbia, is one of Canada's ten provinces. Located on Canada's west coast, it is beautiful there - ocean and mountains and grizzlies, oh my. The apple orchard pictured above is in Ontario, where there are no grizzly bears.
*Soo - Sault Ste. Marie)


Jeanne said...

Love and hugs and Happy Mother's Day
Love Jeanne

Mental P Mama said...

So much wisdom there. And we should all slow down;)

Caution Flag said...

I knew it!! You're Jane Austen reincarnated, aren't you?

Decadent Housewife said...

I've been accused of a lot in my time, but being Jane Austen is a first. I look really bad wearing empire too. :)