Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Busy Bee

The bees have been diligent at work in the apple and cherry orchard this past week. Quick to light and then off again, they kept me busy trying to catch a picture.


Caution Flag said...

What camera do you use, Miss Decadent? I've had photo envy since I first came to your blog, but that beautiful bee put me over the edge. It's okay to tell me that it's the photographer and not the camera; maybe that will help reduce my envy.

Jeanne said...


I am deadly allergic to bee's

The time to bee happy is now

Anonymous said...

I have had a nice time browsing through your blog. You are such a wonderful photographer! I will surely be back. :-)


Mental P Mama said...

That shot is exquisite! What setting is that???

Decadent Housewife said...

I have a Nikon D40 - bottom of the line, but it's a little workhorse. I'm no photographer, although I've messed with it for years.

With today's SLR's anyone can take a decent photo.

I used a zoom lens and set the focus for a center view and kept following that drat bee. After about ninety shots of it's BEE-hind I got this one.

ISO 200
White Balance - sunny
Quality - normal
Setting - Auto
Metering - Matrix
Shutterspeed 1/500
Aperture F5
Exposure Mode - Program
Exposure 0.0
Focal Length 135mm

I've learned in a setting with lots of green the exposure needs to get tweeked up, otherwise the colour browns out. And in this photo, the bee was in shade and the exposure was still too low and needed to be increased afterward on the computer.

I try to check all that when taking the pictures but the bees were moving very fast and in and out of shade.

Mental P Mama said...

Well I'd say you nailed it;)

Caution Flag said...

Goodness, there's no hope at all for me. None. I'll have to rely on you for the pix.