Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Speedy Scores A Goal

Speedy sped in after finals and then out again last week for an important interview with Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship - ACE. He got the position he was hoping for and another position too! Hurray Speedy! I knew he would. Speedy is like that. Determined. Organized. Unfazed. After all, he took up ice hockey at his late age. Decadent was a bad Canadian mother and did not put her little boys into hockey - the teeth - the equipment for all those growing little boys - the five a.m. practices. Congratulations Speedy!

(Photo by GG. Decadent Housewife was trying to keep her buns warm on the other side of the rink.)


Sally's World said...

great to watch, a little scary for the mums lol!!!

Caution Flag said...

We are all things Red Wings except for one roller hockey playing traitor who loves Toronto. I am sorry to admit ... but I really would rather watch cars drive the same little circle 500 times. I've been in Michigan 20 years now. When will the hockey bug get me?

Congrats to your son!

Leila said...

All mothers are bad mothers...for not doing something...something that would have made our little darlings famous...and skilled...if only...we had just...been good mothers!!

You are not alone!

And yet...he did great!

By the way -- I got a MOB dress, thanks to the girls finding me one, going by my description of what I wanted! Now for the MOG dress (I'm keeping the plan to wear the same one on the back burner :).

Jeanne said...


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