Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More on MOG Dress Front

For one mad moment (okay, a whole day, spent cruising the net) I considered a saphire Delphos gown for the MOG dress ordeal, completed with a lovely dappled silk chiffon cape held together with little enamel or mother of pearl beads, since all the women are wearing dresses, but reconsidered what all those tiny pleats would do to a MOG who is no longer her svelte eighteen year old self. Although! Although! Let it be known! I have managed to drop 15 pound-eroos and all without loosing my temper too! Oh. You want to hear about that too? Sigh. Chickens hiding in The Shop from Hell and weight-loss how to - I'll get to all of it later.

And then there was the problem of getting the silk just the right colour messing around with all those dyes and of course nobody knows how Fortuny did all those itty bitty pleats anyway. And to get the right effect you are supposed to let the hem kinda' puddle on the floor - dahling. I would likely trip when moi et MOB go up to the church front and light some candles. I mean, I even dispensed with trains for my own wedding dress, to prevent such things from happening away back then, when I wasn't holding any lit matches and candles. So. Decadent Housewife is now thinking suits, however she does not want to look like a wannabe bridesmaid either, which could easily happen if she went too much Dupioni and too much periwinkle Dupioni. What to do?! I need a fairy godmother. Right Now!


Leila said...


I am now a MOB AND a MOG!!!

I have to find TWO dresses!!!

And they have to be fit for warm weather without being sleeveless, because sleeveless is not for the middle-aged.

I hear you on the dupioni.

I know exactly what kind of thing I want, which means that I'm doomed.

Times two.

Mental P Mama said...

I love the way you're heading. I know it will be beautiful. Blues are the best....what time of day is it? Suits are always great. As are dress/coat combinations....

Caution Flag said...

I certainly hope your fairy godmother arrives quickly. I also certainly hope choir robes are in fashion when my children walk down that aisle.

Jeanne said...

Love and hugs

Decadent Housewife said...

I knew someone who wore the same dress to all her kids weddings.

Ha! That's what this is doing to us - it's making us more MENTAL than usual. Daytime afternoon wedding.

That was the idea with the cape thing. But thought maybe I'd look too Carol Channing or Cass Elliot.

Thank you. I needed that. Leila probably does too.


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