Monday, March 16, 2009

Why I Shop Mondays

Aha! A bright sunny March morning and here is the To-DO-List. Being Monday, it should go fairly fast.
  1. Start Laundry.
  2. Clean up kitchen mess from Violinist and Fun and GG.
  3. Eat the half banana somebody left behind.
  4. Give left-over milk to cats.
  5. Break it up between Jet and The Cat.
  6. Eat something else.
  7. Write To-Do List.
  8. Decide how much storage stuff to move out of the way for the water guy coming on Wednesday.
  9. Think about what was on hold at the library.
  10. Drive to Town to pay bills for One Old Man.
  11. Groceries for One Old Man
  12. Groceries for Decadent Housewife.
  13. Buy sunglasses and extension grabber thingy for Geek Guy's Dad.
  14. Explain to medical supply store personal what I mean by extension grabber thingy.
  15. Drop off and pick up at library.
  16. Take Buff for non-skid shoes.
  17. Laundry.
  18. Eat something.
  19. Talk to Buff about his disappearing act this weekend.
  20. Determine suitable consequences.
  21. Kiss him and hug him.
  22. Make yogurt for One Old Man.
  23. Make soup, (hold the beans) for One Old Man.
  24. Find thick plastic sheet for GG to lie on later today.
  25. Find a pair of disposable coveralls for GG.
  26. Go with GG to One Old Man's place and watch him fix something underneath the bathroom sink.
  27. Try to convince One Old Man to go to hospital.
  28. Ask him what he wants done in case he - well - you know.
  29. Make Supper.
  30. Make Lunches.
  31. Finish Laundry.
  32. Run two miles.
Most people don't shop Monday mornings. I do because stuff is marked down in price at the grocery store, there are no crowds and most everyone I know is at "real" work, so I don't get hung up at the apple bin discussing my MOG dress dilemma. Not that I mind. Really. It's one of the cool things about living in a small community. Our apples all come out of the same bin.

(Photo of Bess by GG while Jet and The Cat were busy trying to take each other out beneath the ladder.)

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