Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tow Tales - Part 6

This is what happened next, in the sorry tale of Decadent Housewife's towing trials. GG had not originally called a tow truck, therefore, he and Decadent were towing - again. Decadent got scared by a big old 15 foot ditch, when GG in the lead van took a corner a little fast and tight. Decadent pulled the emergency, effectively cutting the joy-ride to an instant stop. To find out most everything else, go to Tow Tales.

"Which car do you want towed?" waved the tow-truck guy toward the three cars presently parked in Decadent Housewife's driveway.
"None of them," answered GG.
The tow-truck guy in his nice dark green serviceable uniform, snappy cap and "Fred," brightly embroidered over his heart, paused, "Then, where is that car located?"
"It's where I told you it was yesterday - over on the side road," replied GG.
"Where's that?" asked Fred. "We've gone up and down the roads, but it isn't there."
"You were supposed to pick it up yesterday."
"Yeah, I know, but it slipped my mind."

Exactly twenty-four hours had passed since I watched GG drive off up a dusty road to a not too distant mechanic's garage, to call for a tow-truck, leaving me stand watch, over a broken-down van, pondering Katherine Hepburn, pig farms and wind direction, big butt ditches, cedar tree windrow country beautification programs and waving at traffic (so as to keep people from hitting said broken down van.) I felt bad again, about pulling the emergency brake and screeching both vans to a stop - never mind that apparently the brake had not even been connected, since the cables for it were actually lying beside me on the van's bare metal floor. Now the van was missing.

So, the tow guys can't find GG's broken van. So, maybe somebody actually did hit the van, after we left it on the road for the tow guys and raced home to get GG to work and Decadent back cooking in the kitchen. GG had said somebody might hit it, and told me to stand guard and wave them away. So, it's gone! For. Ever. Gee - isn't that too bad. I decided to not worry about the missing van. I had other things to occupy my time, like laundry. So, I went about my merry business, until the next day when curiosity got the best of me, after overhearing some very loud one-sided telephone conversations, clicks - then louder, very deep exasperated sighs.
"GG, did you chase down the thing about the van?"
"Did the tow guys find it?"
"No - the police found it."
"Where is it?"
"They had it towed."
"So now what?"
"The tow guys have to go take care of it - have you seen a little black speaker dome? I was repairing it for a guy at work and can't find it. I really hate doing that to a customer."
"Doing what?"
"Lose stuff." (...to be continued...really, I kid you not.)

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Caution Flag said...

I do love your writing, Ms. Decadent! Keep it coming, please???