Saturday, March 14, 2009

No Dinosaurs Allowed

Violinist is chilling on the couch, sick, having returned from a visit to the hospital emergency. I wanted to take him in last night, several times, but he fell asleep. However his coughing kept me awake and I got up to see that he was fevered. Elderly Cousin called. "There's sickness in the house," I told her, "it wouldn't be a good idea to visit." I hear some bike engines, look out and see The Cat and Jet ticking one another off on the deck. Still no sign of Buff. Buff texted Fun last night and said he was staying over at a friend's. I had Fun text him back. "Call Home Mom."

Fun ran into trouble working a zipper into some jeans he is currently de- and re- constructing. First, I showed him how to insert the zipper. Then, I showed him that we need to remove the darning foot and reattach the regular sewing foot and then raise the feed dogs. Once we did all that, the upper thread was not catching the bobbin thread. So I removed the bobbin case and saw that a band on the bobbin case was bent. We looked for the screwdriver to tweek the tension but Fun had misplaced it. When GG got back from Town with Violinist, he went to the Shop from Hell, came back and fixed the bent bobbin band. Fun has been doing some heavy-duty sewing and the bobbin thread still wouldn't catch. GG was still doing sewing machine repairs but got side-tracked with Violinist watching, The Flintstones.

Buff came home to refuel and is out dirt-biking, but before leaving, showed me how to text message.
"Text Message? Why can't I just call you?"
"Because I don't have any more minutes. Just do it this way."
"I'm not sure. How do I get back to the main...just call me and be home by twelve."
"Just text me."
"Just call me and be home, by twelve."
"Text me."
"I am texting you right now - Be Home By Twelve, Mom."
GG finally broke down last week and bought us a cell phone. Yes, us. We share everything but toothbrushes.

Recently, I thought I had finally figured out Facebook and now this morning, see they have re-tweeked it and I have to figure that out again, so I can spy on my kids. I loaned my cellphone to One Old Man this week. "Does it have a camera?" he asked. "Hmmm, I don't know. We only got it last week and are still trying to learn it."
"They have cameras you know," he said, peering over his wire half-glasses, "I think it's that window on the front."
"If it does, I wouldn't know how to work it," I replied. He went back to his cross-word.
I still haven't figured out the cherry-red Ipod Fun bought me last fall. Fun is off to The City with his Best Female Friend, hitting the fabric stores. He took my camera and said he would visit Speedy. "NO, NO FUN YET. Tell Buff there's a triathlon coming up in Town next month." But before Speedy called, I had just gotten off the phone to California Auntie, "Can you hear me?! Can you hear me?! Are you still there, Decadent?"
"Yes, Auntie, I'm still here. No, this isn't the cell, this is the landline."

Before he left, I suggested to Fun that he might want to think about getting his own sewing machine, since I have a MOG dilemma and might want to sew a MOG dress, just in case. It would be good to know my machine works. I then shared what I think is important to know about purchasing a sewing machine. Check Consumer Reports. You can find it at the library. It would be good if you can find a machine with metal casting - not plastic. You really only need straight stitch, zig-zag, and automatic button-holer. He glazed over and then said, "I've already been looking."

During commercials (remember? - The Flintstones?) GG kept jumping up to work on the sewing machine and mentioned he needed to look at the brakes on the van. If he can't do his Geek Guy tricks with my sewing machine there is always my mother's for back-up. But it would be nice if Fun shows up with his own. The movie is over and GG headed out the door to work on the van brakes. A few minutes later he stuck his head in the door, "Honey Can You Give Me A Hand?" "I'm glad there are no dinosaurs during our time," croaked Violinist.
Me too.


Patricia said...

My goodness - you are so hard to keep up with - and I've been sick all week and disoriented with this stupid flu and we started vacation today - and...maybe I'll just go write about it on Pollywog Creek because I really shouldn't write such long comments in YOUR blog! =) But let me say, if you don't learn how to use anything else, learn how to use your cherry red iPod - you will LOVE it! Ok...I'm heading over to my place now...

Confusifying Linguification said...

Kudos for at least TRYING to work the iPod. I have to sneak technology upon my parents - the record player that I bought them for Christmas also burns the records onto CD's. I don't dare give them anything more complicated than that! But I will say this, Mom could compete in some sort of Olympics when it comes to setting the VCR.

I seem to have rambled away - I'll try and keep future comments shorter!

Decadent Housewife said...

Your Mother knows how to work a VCR?!...I'll be right over. ;)

Caution Flag said...

I'm with you on the FB confusion. Just leave it alone already. Of course, if it were up to me, no progress would ever be made in anything. A round wheel? Who needs that? Walking is fine!

Anonymous said...