Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Sweeties

Here's a happy Valentine
bright and clear and sweet,
lovely kisses
so delicious,
carnations at your feet.

Yes, I know roses would be more romantic, but see, look. Fold down the card bottom and a little carnation flower fans open. How cool is that? Oh, look! There's an apple in there too! Hmmm...wonder what that's all about.
Okay...try again.Here's a happy Valentine
crunchy, bright and sweet,
sugar kisses,
happy wishes,
remember, brush the teeth.
Okay, so I miss being Keats by a mile, again.

(The pop-up Valentine was addressed to my father's brother from their Aunt Sylvia. She was a Victorian lady, who moved from Canada with her family, to the American mid-west, late in the 19th century. Our families never lost contact and almost ninety years later, her descendants attended my wedding.)