Friday, February 20, 2009

Hockey Day in Canada

Today is Hockey Day in Canada, because nine years ago, the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) declared it so.
Linda Duncan, an MP from Alberta now wants Hockey Day in Canada taken off the sidelines and put into play as an official national holiday.
Given that the CBC is Canada's taxpayer supported broadcaster, the notion may not be too far off the mark anyway.
So we started off the week, Monday, with Family Day and end it today, Friday, with Hockey Day. Maybe somebody could come up with something for the Wednesday and make it a hat trick.
Happy Hockey Day everyone!

(Well. While speeding around The City today with Speedy, I learned that Hockey Day is actually, officially, manana. I won't elaborate by repeating the Speedy/Mom conversation here. However, let it be known that it included, "MOM, MOM!? you even know anything about hockey?" To which I nearly caused a terrible accident when replying, "I know what a Gordie Howe hat trick is...I just didn't get this new Hockey Holiday straight, even if my source was the CBC, and if you want my opinion, listening to CBC would lead anyone to believe that Hockey Day is the whole weekend." Which, of course it is.)


Flip Flop Floozie said...

Well I do not think there would be such a holiday here since we never and i mean never have any ice or snow for that matter...that would be a funny holiday here in the Southern Eastern United States..warm..too warm for that!!
Hope that you had a good "weekend" of this GREAT holiday..Sandy

Richard D said...

I'm sorry I'm late - but Happy Manahockey Day. I'm glad you explained where Hockey Day came from. I've always wondered about that. Here in the Capitol of the Confederacy, we celebrate lack o' cold weather day--all year long.

Mental P Mama said...

I would think December through March would be the hockey "months" in Canada;)

Decadent Housewife said...

I'm sure a National Baseball Day, would work for the States, eh?