Sunday, February 1, 2009

His Burden is Light

Sunday morning, before we left for church, I went for a walk. It was calm, peaceful, relaxing, inviting. Such a contrast to the previous day.
Yesterday, everything was an effort to move about outside; heavy unrelenting snow, bitterly cold, a cutting wind. Nobody wanted to be out there if it could be helped. It was hard.
Hard to get dressed to weather the storm. Hard to walk. Hard to see. Hard to hear. Hard to breathe. It was hard to help each other, too. And the longer one stayed out, the harder it became. Frostbite would be certain. Some could have died.
Today - sunshine, mild temperature, no wind - a calm and pristine morning. I could hear more than just beating winds, my stifled breathing and regular assault of heavy road scrapers. This morning the smallest song of the most insignificant bird was clearly audible.
I could see clearly beyond the next concession. Only once did the road scraper pass by. The pets, who the day before needed to retreat indoors to survive, were now safely outside enjoying God's creation. Yet, they startled easily. Yesterday's burdensome storm had passed, but the day before that, a hawk had searched for them from those trees.
This morning I was struck by one statement the pastor made quoting Joni Erickson Tada, "Christianity is not complicated. Christianity is Jesus." It made me think of yesterday and today. It made me think of legalism. Whew! That's a heavy. But! His burden is light.


Patricia said...

Amen! Yes, it is! Thank You, Lord.

What lovely photos. Those blue shadows in the snow look so dreamy to me. I cannot imagine how beautiful the panoramic view from your windows must be.

Richard D said...

I'm glad your camera still works in that cold. Great pics, as usual. Thanks.

Decadent Housewife said...

Yes, Patricia, it is wonderful to be free, is it not?

Rich, I've only had a problem with it fogging up once I come back inside.