Thursday, January 15, 2009

Winter Friends

Speedy's efforts in creating a backyard skating rink didn't work out so well, but the Sparrows and Starlings loved him for it.
No sooner had the flooding begun, when the birds came to inspect, then enjoy bathing in the icy waters. I stayed inside taking photos through a window. The red cast is from the brick of a neighbouring home. (The humans to whom Taffy belongs.)Cropping in produces images with low resolution. GG told me this technological bit. I just noticed that the photos looked painterly when viewed close-up. In this case the effect was that of a child's storybook painting, so much so, that I included this post in the Artwork category just in case this winter gets really, really, really long and I decide to paint these little guys.
Taken just after New Year's Day, we are all under snow now and the birds are keeping their hineys warm roosting in my lilacs. The photo with the tree trunk has had the colours enhanced. All the rest appear exactly as is, after cropping in. Not that it matters...just thought I'd say so. That's all.

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