Friday, January 2, 2009

Tow Tales - Part 4

Part three of Tow Tales left Decadent Housewife alongside the road amongst the cows, yet thankfully upwind the pig farm, waiting and waving on traffic. Part two explained how she came to be there in the first place and part one explained her previous towing tale in Violinist's smarty pants car. It might help to read the first installments which you can conveniently find by clicking each link, now that Decadent has finally figured out how to provide that.
"Nobody hit the van."
"Of course nobody hit the van. You think people can't see there's a van in the road and will hit it?"
I sat in the good van on the crossroad and watched GG circle the broken van. In the driver's door. Out the driver's door. Around the front end. In the sliding door. Out the sliding door. Around to the hatch. Around to the passenger door. By now he had a yellow hand drill in one hand, a voltage meter in his other, a flat black rectangular plate looking thing shoved in his right rear pocket and some coiled flexible wiring hanging out of the left.

In amongst all this he stopped to wave twice, to traffic, not to me. And suddenly I wished I hadn't hit the emergency when I saw a transport approaching from the rear and a road bike coming from the front and GG and the stalled van stuck in the middle. But the road bike slowed down getting over onto the shoulder, the transport swerved on through, GG waved and all was well.

To recover from the afternoon, I went home and cooked some chicken and rice and carrots and green beans and made fruit platz and did laundry and vacuumed and fed The Cat...vacuumed the floors...not The Cat. Between rolling the platz crust and peeling peaches, Buff called saying he was skipping out of football practice because he was too tired. Twenty minutes later Buff arrived home and ate and drank until he was filled and then, apparently sufficiently revived, left with a friend.

Forty-five minutes later Buff telephoned, "the mini-van is stuck on the tracks,"...Really? What are teenage boys doing driving mini-vans on train tracks...and could I come and give them a tow?..."we're just down here stuck on the tracks." "Yes, I heard you the first time," and repeated, "I don't do towing. For, ALL, the tea in China...Thank you and Amen." I was a very bad mother. Very bad indeed. I left my baby stranded on the train tracks. Instead I went and poured a cup of coffee, black. ( be continued...)

For graphics for this post, I took up Pollywog Creek's, "A Month of Coffee" photo challenge with this photo of my pottery mug - made in Canada - found in a "junk shop." I took the photo yesterday morning, after having just drained the first cup of the day and about to set it down to start into bread making. It is a comfortable big mug which holds the heat and I think I actually used it the evening of the day in which all of the above occurred.


Jeanne said...

Blessings for the New Year my lovely friend.
May we be blessed with the best.
Love Jeanne

Patricia said...

Oh, no....I want to hear more!

I am THRILLED that you are participating in my coffee project (and thanks for the link). Love it (your participation, not the link!).

Happy New Year and please stay warm - my new friend in the frozen north.

Decadent Housewife said...

Well, thank you both Patricia and Jeanne for stopping by. I was stuck for a photo for this post but it clicked when I re-read the thing about the coffee and remembered your challenge, Patricia. Funny how that worked out. Happy New Year to you both!