Monday, January 26, 2009

January Fun at the Marina

Geek Guy and I decided to head off today to Point Pelee National Park to do some winter sightseeing and shoot birds. Not kill them...take their pictures...(really...ever since I mentioned the thing about hunting rabbits.) However, when we arrived at the gate we found it closed due to unsafe conditions. Hmmmm. Later in the day we learned a deer cull was in progress - so nevermind the birds.
Off we turned, following the Lake Erie shoreline back toward the Leamington Marina. Far offshore and visible as wee dots we could see a lot of icefishing activity. There was no wind, but there also was no sun and the cold penetrated within just a few minutes. Relax - that is not some new nuclear energy symbol on the side of the Jiimaan. It's a stylized trillium - the symbol for our Ontario provincial government.
A few teens, taking a break from exam studies were out skating on some cleared patches of ice in the marina. There sleeps the Jiimaan. Spooky. Sp-ooo-ky. Ships quietly sitting icebound always give me chills. Spooky. Sp-ooo-ky.
And here below is the little Pelee Islander. I know she is sitting crooked in this photo. By the time I took this, my fingers were fumbling around very stiff, it was getting impossible to think from the cold and tech support had hightailed it back to the safety of a heated van.
But I decided to include the photo, because the brightly coloured buildings and sniggly wharf all appear quite whimsical. And, I don't want to go back tomorrow and do this all over again - so maybe if you just tilt your head or lay a piece of paper over the top to square things up that might work. Anyway, if you have ever ridden the Islander you would know, that that is exactly how it appears from onboard too - low in the water and a little askew.


Jeanne said...

You and I must live very close to each other.
I live just past St. Clair Beach.
I love your photographs and you.........
Love Jeanne ^j^

Thanks for your visits and kind words.
Love and hugs

Richard D said...

Decadent - As always, your pictures are gorgeous. I really love your photography. Although it really puts to shame my tiny little bit of snow and ice that I was worried about driving through yesterday.

Thanks for sharing these.

Decadent Housewife said...

Thanks. I think we do. Lakeshore is right across the road.

Thanks. We don't have hills here like you do. I'd be worried about any slick on the roads too with hills.