Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's a Birdy New Year's Day

Something we always did growing up on the farm was watch birds. It sounds romantic and was, if you were a winter bird. Birds that showed up in summer got watched through the scope of a .22. Sorry to upset your lovely New Year's Day. That is just the way it was/is. Birds eat fruit and well, you can't have that on a fruit farm.

Now may be as good a time as any to let it be known that Decadent has fired a gun. Yes. And I don't mean a squirt gun used to fire water into an oven to create steam when baking bread. Furthermore, because this is Canada, unlike saying, shhh...socialism, admitting that one has fired a gun is something to confess. It was winter and I was hunting rabbits with my 13 year old brother. I was 23, bored and wanted more than my usual chore of getting to drag home the rabbit. It was the first time I ever fired a gun and it just about knocked me over onto my hiney.
I'd always gone hunting jackrabbit with my father in the winter, but he never let me handle the gun. Instead, I got to jump up and down shouting at Flip or Butch or Zeke doing their border collie best to outrun a rabbit. My father would let me drag the rabbit home, no small feat, given at the time a jackrabbit equaled my total height...little Decadent, trudging through a snowy field dragging her supper behind her. And then my mother would let me pick out the visible shot.
Birdwatching seemed to be a thing we particularly did New Year's Day. Throughout the winter and spring a cardinal couple frequent my big old messy garden and have found some seeds in a corner of the garden they seem to quite enjoy. They flit about from a maple to the cedars and back to the seeds chirping their little song. Occasionally they venture directly to my kitchen window and steal food set out for The Cat.
I haven't been able to catch a photo of them together yet. For these photos I bravely stood just inside a window of GG's Shop from Hell and waited and waited and waited for the cardinal to show up, while The Cat kept bumping into my shins whining and complaining about life.

A week ago a woodpecker was feasting in the lilac bushes. I took a photo of him but he was a little oddly positioned so I won't show it. These are photos of the male cardinal from a few weeks ago. I love the burnished colour of the female, but haven't managed a snap of her either. Today Decadent is shooting neither birds nor rabbits but rather, the squirtgun...I am up to my ears in Sourdough. Happy New Year's everyone!


Patricia said...

Your cardinal photos are gorgeous. I think the female is equally as beautiful, too, and don't you just love how attentive the male is to her needs? Love it!

I have quite of few of those unpublished "oddly positioned" shots of birds, as well. =)

I lived for 32 years with a house of Hunters - it is only a coincidence that is also our last name - but I have never shot a gun myself. I'm quite sure I'd be knocked onto my hiney, as well!

May this new year be a happy and prosperous one for you, too!

Jeanne said...

Beautiful photographs my lovely friend.
Love Jeanne