Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Saucey Chef Asks Santa Please Send Special Package from Australia - Tout de Suite :)

After the lovely earlier than early, Christmas dinner with GG's parents on Saturday, we stopped in Sunday after church to visit again and enjoy the Christmas festivities at The Home. Here is Speedy speeding in for some goodies from this elf's tray.
Decadent advised him to not be so...speedy. Wait to be served. But you know how it is. And this elf took her tongs and snapped them at surprised Speedy.
I warned you Speedy. Don't mess with Elves.There were clowns, and balloons and cotton candy and desserts and delicious black coffee and babies and barking dogs and live music throughout The Home.
At one point Geek Guy's Dad took regular cotton, not the pink cotton would have melted...and stuffed it into his ears. Old men are allowed to do things like that. "Too loud," he protested, and took another mouthful of double brownie cake.
Since we came directly from church, none of us had eaten proper, so GG sent Speedy to Taco Tony's for the best Mexican food north of anywhere. After having eaten and drank and been filled, the males were behaving a little soporific. But Saucey Chef was feeling just a tad lonely, which was quite evident the evening before when she opened one...just from her beloved - "The Hairy Bikers Cookbook", mmmm, which we tried to watch later in the evening but could not because - another lesson from geekdom -
half the world operates on one electronic interface and the other half operates on another system. I just asked Violinist what those two systems are called and he offered, "Apple and Microsoft." O-kaaay. Violinist can fix cars but is not a geek otherwise. Even I, technological ditz of the ages, Decadent Housewife, know that his answer is incorrect. Alright, so we were discussing how poor old Saucey Chef was just a tad lonely. Hmmm, maybe a tad more than just a tad.
You see, Saucey Chef did not leave her heart in San Francisco. Saucey left her heart Down Under. But we said, "Look here, Saucey, we've gone to church and prayed about it, now eat up your Taco Tony's and we'll go find Santa Claus too. Maybe he can help speed things along." So here's Saucey, pouring out her heart to Santa Claus. "He lives in another hemisphere, Santa. Please help!" Somehow, I think Santa has heard this all before...the part about husbands living in another hemisphere.And here is Santa Claus, "Spring, Saucey. Spring. When all that snow out there melts and your beloved can wear his sunglasses on account of sun, not snow." And Saucey felt much better with this news. Christmas came early, but not for Saucey. Saucey has to wait for Spring.

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How very lovely indeed.
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