Friday, December 26, 2008

The Queen's Christmas Speech 2008

Speedy is out making a hockey rink in the backyard. Fun is off to The City braving Boxing Day at the mall. I heard him creep out at six this morning and found a lost bit of Toblerone at the doorstep. Violinist is boxing a Wii in the living room. It's safer than real boxing - the hands, always think about the hands. GG is wandering around looking for Poppy Seed Roll and trying to drum up enthusiasm for potato pancakes.

GG makes incredible potato pancakes but everyone seems a little lethargic this morning. Buff still sleepeth after two long days of eating, drinking and being filled. Decadent has another batch of Sourdough Potato Starter started. So, it is time for a peek at Her Majesty's annual Christmas Message. And how cool is this? - The Queen broadcasts via YouTube.
Actually, I peeked at it last evening, stealing an undisturbed moment in a houseful of teen boys and twenty-somethings. Between bites of Hummingbird Cake and sips of Aleksander Estate Winery, Raspberry Wine (I wanted some Peach too, but it disappeared during the evening meal) it was delicious - the cake, the wine, the music room...not my music room...the Queen's music room. Gorgeous red claret drapery - I long for red claret drapery.

Mais, my music room is an upright, sulking alongside a hallway, a bright hallway but with stacks of violins and music stands and boxes of music spilling out from beyond. My grandmother had thick ruby red carpet and claret drapery in
her music room. Anyway, the Queen is her usual lovely, gracious self. And I smell bacon and potatoes wafting from the kitchen. Time to pour a glass of cider. 'Tis a lovely Boxing Day.


Jeanne said...

Blessings to you
Thanks for your visits always and your kind words and all that you post.
Love Jeanne

Leila said...

Potato pancakes -- good idea!
I bet the Queen didn't get those!

Decadent Housewife said...

Not likely...although I did read once where Prince Phillip commented he wished he could have some common food to eat. :)

Mental P Mama said...

Thanks for your visit. And I'm glad I came by now. I would like a double order of bacon.