Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve 1927. A sweet little New Year's Greeting card all the way from Flushing, New York, addressed to my father, seven year old Master Bobby. Don't you wish little children today were addressed Master and Miss? Charming. It is from his older cousins Harry and Bob Fuller. I had to tinker around with the computer to get the script to show in this photo below. It says, "We not only wish you a Happy New Year But wish we could spend it with you."
Pizza dough is rising. I plan on making a Greek style pizza with feta and sun-dried tomatoes and spinach and black olives. Movies on tap tonight are "Superman" and "Tale of Two Cities". Last night we groaned through "In Old Arizona"..."Your flirting days are over, time to settle down." Poor, poor, Tonia Marie. What can I say? GG brought it home from the library.

I can only suppose some enlightened librarian choose it for historical value based upon the title. I couldn't figure out what the heck time period it was suppose to be...the accents...the costumes...the music. In case you are wondering it is about the Cisco Kid and Tonia Marie is his two-timing wooo-man. A quick Google reveals it was nominated for five academy awards in 1929. Hope Dickens and Superman and the pizza are better. Happy New Year's!


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