Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Early Christmas

This is Saucey Chef. This past weekend Saucey was in Decadent's kitchen making Spanakopita, Spinach Pies.
This had nothing to do with being Greek, since none of us here are Greek. Although Decadent did have a Greek uncle once, and I have been to Greece. And I can muster up a little Greek, if I have to. O yeah, and Geek Guy's Dad grew up Greek Orthodox. But none of that was why Saucey was making Spanakopita in my kitchen.
We were preparing for an early Christmas, leisurely enjoying the snowy afternoon, drinking cups and cups of Cappucino and eating bowls of creamy Broccoli Soup and delectable slices of Lime Cheese Bread...listening to "Tristan und Isolde" live from the Met, that is, until somebody said, "Uh, can we listen to Andy Williams instead?!"
And leisurely, that is, until Saucey Chef said, "GG, call The Home and remind them to be sure to hold Mom and Dad's lunch tomorrow when we bring Christmas Dinner." And that's when we discovered that we actually had booked the lovely family room at The Home for the following week and it wouldn't be available the next day because The Home was having a Christmas Party of their own. However, the room was available in two hours time. So, Christmas came even earlier than expected. And because Saucey Chef is a real chef, she had us all flying about tout de suite.
Buff ironed tablecloths. Decadent made dressing and packed dinnerware. Saucey got the Cranberry Sauce going and everybody and everything else, chop chop.
Violinist packed the crystal and selected wine, because he knows about things like that and then left in the snowstorm to pick up Speedy, away at University in The City.
Fun, hmmm? What did Fun do? At one point I went to find Fun and found Buff sound asleep downstairs on the floor...all that Tiggy Winkle work having thoroughly taxed him I guess. I really don't understand teenage boys. And men, how do they manage to fall asleep at the drop of a hat, anytime, anywhere? I really don't...oh, nevermind. GG and Saucey's Son peeled potatoes and cleaned carrots and selected CD's and wrapped presents and found extension cords. GG remembered the Kielbasa - but no time to make the Kutya. And the evening was lovely.
Except for the part with Buff driving in the blinding snowstorm because GG had left his wallet somewhere and hadn't gotten it back yet and on that account GG couldn't drive and moi, Decadent Housewife got to sit up front with Buff. Wherein I remarked, "FUN is older and has a license, why doesn't HE sit up here with Buff? Why doesn't HE drive?"
To which all replied, "Fun had an accident even before he had a license, we don't want him to have another one." And despite the fact that Decadent is nocturnal, she doesn't see too well at night, so Buff it was.
And I would have liked to have shown nicer photos, however, Saucey had things bubbling so fast there wasn't really time for pictures and then when there was time for pictures somehow the vibration reduction button on the camera was disengaged and well...it never stops does it?


Patricia said...

Can I borrow saucy chef - a week from Saturday maybe? The ambiance and cuisine will not be nearly as elegant, but the extra hands and delightful conversation would be so lovely. My teenage boys are all grown up, but I do have a toddler grandson who is turning 2 that day and he can be just as entertaining. We don't let him drive yet, though. When he does, I don't think I'll sit in the front seat.

Decadent Housewife said...

Lol! I'd like to borrow Saucy Chef more often too, but she lives about 6 hours from us. We only see her a few times a year. And then I always think, "she cooks all the time, give her a break!" Enjoy those grandbabies while you are still in the driver's seat! I don't think I'll ever get accustomed to their driving.