Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Take Care of Italy

Taffy is the affable dog who moved in next door this past summer. A few months ago I opened the front door and there stood two of Taffy's child humans.
"We are going away! Will you take care of Taffy?!?" they blurted.
"Hmmm......let me decide. Ok."
"We'll leave her food beside the cat-house."
"Pardon me?"
I tried not to look shocked like the time when I learned Buff was writing a paper on the need to legalize marijuana.
"We'll leave her food beside the cat-house," they repeated. "You can see it from here."
"Hmmmm. Yes...the cat-house. I can't see it from here, but I know what you mean."
A little worn out looking affair, painted red no less, similar to the common doghouse, only, of course, for cats. My boys used to sit in their tree house and pelt stuff at unsuspecting cats dimwitted enough to forget four little boys with a DOG, had built a tree-house only ten feet from their cat-house.
"Oh, and one more thing..." They paused as if cranking it up to ask me to vacuum and dust. However, I thought it might more have to do with watching out for those elderly cats, who by now on the last of their allotted nine lives couldn't run a whit to save their scrawny souls from any menacing boys. I was ready to assure them that some of those menacing boys were now teenagers, therefore, older and wiser and quite past their days of pelting stuff at, or otherwise terrorizing unsuspecting neighbourhood cats. "...will you be sure to play with Taffy?"
"You want me to play with the dog who sneaks over here every night and begs to come into my kitchen and to whom I feed leftover bacon grease and other delectable garbage? Sure."
So what does all this have to with Italy? This morning while pausing for a moment to decide what to do next, I read, "Take care of Italy" on the refrigerator message board. "Take care of Italy...ITALY?"...squinting and reading aloud, "I can't even take care of my big old messy garden what the heck does this mean, and WHO wrote it?" Coming up closer I read, "Take care of Taffy" scrawled in permanent marker. I'm getting an eye appointment.

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